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The family’s cow gives birth to a new calf

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Have you ever wondered how you would feel when seeing a newly born calf? How will you take care of it and feed it with your hands?

Last week the life Amina’s family has been changed with the birth of the little calf.
As for Amina’s children, the arrival of the new calf was a special event for them, and it seems that a new member will share their cow’s milk, but it does not matter because cow’s milk production has increased anyway!

Ameenah is a mother of four children who lost their father and their breadwinner during the war. Ameenah had to sell all the family’s livestock at the lowest prices and work on farms from time to time, for a small daily wage that was barely enough for her to meet the basic needs of her family.

Ameenah and her family found a glimmer of hope after she been registered in the livestock project funded by King Salman Humanitarian Aid And Relief Centre. After meeting the eligibility criteria, the project team gave her a pregnant cow in the fourth month. It was provided with feed, vaccinations for two months and veterinary care for six months. This helped Ameenah’s family to achieve stability again, and drew a smile on the faces of her children. They were especially happy after the cow gave birth to a new healthy calf last week. The cow is producing milk in larger quantities now, which increases the income and stability of this family. It gave her the opportunity to focus on the future of her children who return to school this year.

Story of Thabit – Home Gardening Project

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In the Home Gardening Project, we do not only provide agricultural tools and resources, but IhsanRD’s team also trains beneficiaries to be more productive and self-reliant. In the video, watch how Thabit benefits from the training and support provided by IhsanRD to convert his land into an income source for his family.

Success Story from Women’s Creativity Center

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“It is a great feeling to make clothes for my family and children and to help my husband during these difficult circumstances.” Participant in the Women’s Creativity Center.

More than 5,000 women benefit every month from IhsanRD’s Women’s Creativity Centers inside Syria.

Mohammed’s passion for color turns into a source of income – Youth Support Center

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It took one month for Mohammed to turn his passion in colors into a mean of living.

Lots of Youth, lots of passion, only needs a push.

New (Rida’s Barbershop) – Video

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Rida, a young graduate from the Youth Support Center, supported by IhsanRD in Al-Rastan, Homs countryside.
“I dreamed of having my own barbershop, so I joined the haircut course that was held at the Youth Support Center” Rida said.
Today, Rida’s dream has become true by opening (Rida’s Barbershop), he would be happy to welcome you in his salon.
Those active young people, such as “Rida” are the examples through-which IhsanRD feels proud.

Trust and development is the path of success for Mohammed

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Mohammed is one of the young Syrians who have the talent and the will to change the reality of their
lives despite the war that is raging over their country, and he works as a repairman.
Mohammed joined the IhsanRD Youth Support Center in Al Rastan City, determined to succeed as an independent and effective person within the community.
In this video, Mohammed Qabakhalil talks about his experience and skills that he gained in the Youth Support Center.

Jasmine the painter of the future

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Yasmine, a 12-year-old Syrian girl, lives with her mother and sister; Yasmin lived through the horrors of war and went through very difficult conditions because of the shelling, displacement and the death of her father. Jasmine became frightened of everything, lost her sense of security, and began to suffer from recurring annoying nightmares.

What disturbs her life most is her fear of seeing her brothers every day in nightmares that they were martyred. Yasmine said: (I am worry about my brothers so much, every night I watch them dying)

I live in an insecure place and I do not sleep at night. When I lie down on the bed, my eyes remain open and I sleep only when I’m very tired and when I sleep I start seeing nightmares. I see my father come and take my brothers and leave me alone. I do not feel comfortable and always worried about my brothers and I see in my sleep the man who bomb kills them every day. I do not want to lose them. I have lost my father, my school and many of things I love. I do not want to stay alone.

Yasmin became lost, scared, and isolated. She does not have any friend to talk, even when she speaks, both her hands and voice shake.

Yasmine joined the Child Protection Center about a month and a half ago and the first session she attended was talking about the rights of the child. She knew that she had many rights that she was deprived of. When the supervisor ended the child rights session, she asked the children to tell her if they had been harassed or abused by anyone, then Yasmine came and asked to sit with her. Yasmine looked scared and trembled. and said that she could not sleep and need her help. The facilitator reassured her that she would help and told Yasmine that she was not alone. Yasmine felt confident and began to tell the facilitator more about her life and started to sit down with the psychologist at the center.

At first, Yasmine did not accept to participate in group activities with the other children, but after several individual sessions with psychologist applying some psychological support methods, and the specialist communicated with Yasmine’s family and explained to them the situation and gave them some guidance to treat her correctly and keep her away from the media and the talk that speaks about war, and continuing life as naturally as possible, Yasmine began to participate in group activities and began to interact with the other children started to gain many friends in the center, friends who love her and play together. After a month, Yasmine began to return to normal life, she felt safe and began to sleep well.

Then when she joined the activities she started to express everything inside through drawing and discovered her talent, she drew beautiful drawings and every paper and pen in her hands became a paint about her small world.

Today Yasmin wishes to grow up and complete her education and become a painter, and to live with her family and friends in a safe country without fear and terror, and sleep without the sound of bombing and aircraft.