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IhsanRD team has completed the rehabilitation of a central reserve bakery in the southern countryside of Idlib

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Despite the ongoing war in Syria, IhsanRD continues its projects to restore food security and ensure safe access to food for the local population through the implementation of rehabilitation projects for food facilities, which have been exhausted by years of war, constant fighting and shelling.
IhsanRD team in Southern Idlib countryside has completed a rehabilitation project for a major reserve bakery in the region, serving 25 towns in southern countryside of Idlib through the restoration and maintenance of the main building and the rehabilitation of the facilities in it, in addition to providing the bakery with the machines needed for producing bread for more than 60 thousand residents in the surrounding areas.
“The bakery in our area is badly damaged and unable to cover the needs of bread for the people in the surrounding villages,” says Abu Mohammed, a resident of the area. “We are waiting impatiently for the opening of the bakery. Getting a hot bread is a happy day for us, sometimes we have to cut tens of kilometers to get on bread”
The production line was successfully tested after the rehabilitation and restoration of the reserve bakery in the project implemented by IhsanRD in collaboration with WHH and with the support of the German Foreign Office. The bakery will open in the coming days with a production capacity of 36 tons per day.
“There’s nothing like the enjoyment of getting a hot bread, bread is the main food item for Syrians and as a result of the war in Syria, it is impossible to get a loaf of bread in some areas, so we had to respond to the main need of people in southern countryside of Idlib in securing the bread ” said Bassel, a project manager at Ihsan.
However, bread is not the only issue faced by Syrians, and other basic necessities such as water and electricity have become increasingly difficult and costly. Support is not only for the construction and rehabilitation of more bakeries, but also for the rehabilitation of water and sanitation networks in the region, and the support of agriculture and livelihoods for the population through various projects in IhsanRD through food security, livelihood, water, education, protection and shelter programs.

Parents and Teachers Committee (PTC), joint effort to develop schools supported by IhsanRD

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PTC (Parents Teachers Committees) are committees that meet on a monthly basis in each school supported by IhsanRD. The committees consist of / representatives of the teachers, representatives of the parents, a representative of the educational society, a representative of the educational office, the field officer supervising the school /
Through these meetings, IhsanRD aims to involve community, parents and stakeholders in supporting the educational process by discussing the following topics in the meetings:
  • Develop security and safety plans in schools
  • Discuss the activities carried out in schools and identify weaknesses and gaps in implementation
  • Assist in planning activities to be carried out within the project
  • Highlighting problems in schools and students and helping to resolve them if possible
These meetings are part of the IhsanRD project to support of five schools in the western Aleppo countryside with 3250 students.

Provide winterization support to IDPs families within IhsanRD Emergency Response Plan

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 For the sixth year Consecutively, another winter comes on the displaced persons in Syria, estimated at 6.1 million internally displaced persons according to the UNHCR, more than half of them are children living with their families in very difficult conditions in camps or some gatherings places that are not protected by the harsh winter, many do not have heaters and burn plastics to get some warm, and may not have enough blankets for everyone in the family.
IhsanRD team inside Syria met some children were dressed in torn or light clothes because they could not bring all their clothes when they were displaced. “we fled the war leaving our house without packing our stuff, there was no time to gather our clothes .. my winter clothes still in the house and now I don’t have clothes for winter” said Samir, 10 years old who lives with his family in a camp in Idlib countryside.
Therefore, Ihsan for Relief and Development is working through emergency response plan to help the displaced people so that they can overcome the harsh winter, IhsanRD will distribute winterization kits and winter clothing support vouchers for more than 3000 families in 9 villages of Idlib countryside in the areas of Kafranbal, Ma’arah al-Nu’man, and Ihsem for IDPs or families that do not have a breadwinner and depending on women to live.
The winterization kit includes a fireplace, a solar lamp, blankets, mattresses, water bottle, and plastic cover. Winter clothing vouchers are worth $ 69, which allows the holder to purchase winter clothing according to the need and suitability sizes for family members.
“Time is a challenge because the situation of refugees is getting worse every day as winter comes on. That’s why we looked at the availability of the local market and the use of the voucher system, which allows for a very quick response and provides the family what they need of clothing to suit the size of its members instead of providing clothes within the kit maybe the family doesn’t need”.

As winter is coming, 40 families will return to their homes in the countryside of Idlib after being repaired by IhsanRD

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After six years of war, Syrian people have been living the world’s largest refugee crisis since the Second World War, according to UNHCR 6.1 million internally displaced persons forced to leave their homes and villages to escape armed clashes and bombing to safer areas to save their own lives and protect their families. With the return of stability and the intensity of the clashes has decreased slightly in several areas, many IDPs prefer to return to their villages and areas where they lived before, but many returned to find that their homes are destroyed or have been badly damaged and need rehabilitation so that they could settle in again, and they were forced to stay in tents or to live in rented houses despite the harsh economic circumstances.
Due to the coming of winter, Ihsan for Relief and Development has launched a project to rehabilitate a number of houses in Bdama and Armnaz villages in Idlib countryside. The project has been rehabilitating 40 houses (25 houses in Bdama and 15 houses in Armnaz) through selecting the most vulnerable families in these villages, then contracting with workshops workers and technicians to finish maintenance work in these houses. Afterwards, handing the houses over to the families by the end of the current month.

Child Friendly Space in Eastern Ghouta continues its activities through an emergency plan

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In spite of the suffocating siege and heavy shelling of the eastern Ghouta near the capital Damascus, Child Friendly Space (CFS) team organizes a variety of recreational activities for children in shelters at their neighborhoods to relieve them of what they are going through where mobile teams carries out activities in Haza, Kafr batna, Saqba and Ein Tarma As part of a contingency plan as a result of the difficult conditions in the eastern Ghouta and to ensure continuity of work and reduce the risk to the lives of children because of transporting.
Child Friendly Space in Al-Ghouta continues to provide parents skills to deal with children in a way that helps them to raise their children properly, especially in the harsh conditions of war that affect children and leave a variety of effects on different levels of psychological, social and study.
In addition to parenting skills lectures for parents, the center regularly organizes many other activities within and outside the center, such as scheduled activities for children in recreation, awareness and psychological support, as well as adult awareness lectures.
The Child Friendly Space (CFS) in the eastern Ghouta is one of many centers Supported by Ihsan for Relief & Development, which are spread in several other governorates in Syria, such as the center in Jarablus in northern Syria and Rastan’s Center in Homs province.

Afforestation activity for children of the Child Friendly Space in the northern Homs countryside – Video

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Child Friendly Space in the northern countryside of Homs – Afforestation campaign
In an effort to build awareness of the importance of the environment and enhance the sense of responsibility in children, the Child Friend Center of the Ihsan Foundation in the northern countryside of Homs organized an afforestation campaign, which included awareness sessions about the importance of trees and the need to preserve them.

Within the Emergency Response Plan, IhsanRD team continues to distribute food aid

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Distribution of food baskets to the most people in need in the communities hosting IDPs continues within Emergency Response plan for Food Security and Livelihoods in IhsanRD.
More than 17,000 families are being reached monthly in the villages of Jisr al-Shughour area and Azaz city who host enormous numbers of displaced people. The response has been providing food kits families that suffice a family for a month until the end of this year.
The project is carried out in cooperation with the World Food Program to support safe access to food and to strengthen the resilience of hosting communities and displaced people in the north of Syria.

WHO says 480 need to be evacuated from Damascus suburb with worst malnutrition

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* No green light yet from Syrian govt for evacuation – WHO
* Nearly 500 afflicted with chronic diseases
* Highest malnutrition rate in Syria – UN
GENEVA, Dec 6 (Reuters) – Nearly 500 sick and wounded patients still await medical evacuation from the Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta, which the Syrian government has not granted, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday.
Malnutrition rates in the besieged rebel-held area, about a 45-minute drive from the capital, are now “the highest seen so far in Syria since the beginning of the crisis”, WHO representative in Syria Elizabeth Hoff said.
A week ago the United Nations called on world powers to help arrange the evacuations saying eastern Ghouta had become a “humanitarian emergency”. Nine patients have died in recent weeks while waiting, UN envoy Jan Egeland said at the time.
”The Syrian government has not approved the medical evacuation yet,“ Hoff told Reuters from Damascus. ”There has been no movement.
The list of priority patients was provided from the opposition-controlled area about four weeks ago, she said.
Almost 200 children are among those on the growing but stalled U.N. list, who mainly suffer from severe chronic diseases including kidney failure, cancer and cardiovascular diseases, Hoff said.
Some war-wounded are among priority evacuees, she said. More than 400 relatives are also seeking to accompany the 480 patients for treatment in Damascus hospitals.
Jets believed to be Syrian and Russian struck heavily crowded residential areas in eastern Ghouta, killing at least 27 people and injuring dozens in the third week of a stepped-up assault, residents, aid workers and a war monitor said on Monday.
A nutritional survey done in eastern Ghouta during the first half of November collected data on more than 300 children between the age of six months and five years, Hoff said.
“The survey data results indicate a deterioration in the nutrition situation among children under the age of five years old,” the U.N. Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and WHO said in the findings.
Some 11.9 percent of the children examined were found to have global acute malnutrition, including 1.6 percent suffering from severe acute malnutrition, which can be life-threatening.
Aid agencies are providing life-saving curative and preventive nutrition services in eastern Ghouta, through five health facilities and seven mobile clinics in Douma, Harasta and Kafr Batna, it said.
“We delivered 8 tonnes of medical supplies to eastern Ghouta last month, but it is not sufficient,” Hoff said.

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IhsanRD team carries out the verification and registration of farmers within Support Inter-Agriculture project in northern Homs countryside

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Within Support Inter-Agriculture project implemented by the IhsanRD in the northern Homs countryside, the project team conducted the field survey and verification of the farmers’ registration forms who are applying for the project. The applications are submitted in two stages:
The first stage starts by providing the local councils with the personal information, addresses and telephone numbers through special forms distributed in the local councils. The forms are then handed to IhsanRD team who checks the registration forms and conducts field verification visits of the land and to make sure if they meet the project conditions.
The second stage after the technical approval of the field, the farmer moves to the second stage by submitting an e-form designed by the project team, the farmers who meet the requirements will be registered in the project lists.
IhsanRD has launched this project to support food security and livelihoods by providing support to 400 families within inter-agriculture project between trees for more than 1100 dunums by providing farmers with agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilizers, pesticides), as well as partial irrigation support. The project also aims to support the most vulnerable and reach the besieged areas of Syria to enhance the resilience of the population and improve safe access to food.

IhsanRD team with children on the International Day for People with Special Needs

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On the International Day for People with Special Needs, Child Friend Center team supported by IhsanRD in Armanaz visited Sanad center for children with special needs and held a variety of recreational activities with the participation of both children and parents in an atmosphere filled with joy and optimism among all.