Who we are

Ihsan for Relief and Development is a service-oriented organization with developmental goals. Ihsan seeks to support basic development and service projects that address the needs of daily life while looking to have long-lasting impacts. Ihsan looks to support Syrians inside Syria and outside of Syria and does so by coordinating with local councils. Ihsan is working to recruit necessary grants funding provided by the international community organizations for the development projects inside Syria.


To provide Syrians with vital services that alleviate suffering, foster economic and social development, support a vibrant civil society, and build the capacity of Local Councils.


To become the most efficient, transparent, functional, and responsive Syrian aid organization that supports Syrian communities through relief, recovery, and development initiatives.


1- Transparency
2- Accountability
3- Integrity and Credibility
4- Leadership & Team Building
5- Equality
6- Dedication

Where we work

Mustafa Sabbagh

Chairman of the Board

People in Syria are facing enormous challenges, struggling tremendously just to make ends meet and remain alive. Millions have been forcibly displaced as a result of the systematic destruction of the country’s social fabric by the regime its allies, and extremist forces.

Since its establishment in 2011, the Syrian Forum’s goal has been to serve the Syrian people and offer support, specifically in areas of social development, vocational training and relief, in a time when resources in Syria are lacking and the crisis has exacted a heavy toll on the social, economic, political, and more importantly, humanitarian fronts.

In 2017, we will spare no effort to expand our partnerships in order to build a future Syria with justice, dignity, freedom, and equal rights and duties for all, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, gender or affiliation.

We shall be armed with our deep belief in these goals and with the strength we derive from the sacrifices made by our people and their unwavering resolve

Ghassan Hito

Chief Executive Officer

Our goals at the Syrian Forum focus around building the capacity of Syrian individuals, civil society organizations, and local councils by modeling a sustainable institutional example. Our six institutions strive to achieve the desired development in our society in the medium and long term after the widespread destruction that has befallen Syria.
With the help of our 964 team members and 15 offices in Syria and other countries, we were able to meet most of our goals for 2016. We reached more than 3 million Syrians and forged several new partnerships with Syrian, Arab and international professional organizations, which helped us expand our scope of work, improve the quality of our services, and offer more qualitative support and services to our fellow Syrians. Driven by their courage and perseverance, we will continue working to help our people achieve their legitimate aspirations.

Board of Directors Members

Mustafa Sabbagh
Chairman of the Board
Co-founder and chair of Syrian Forum, is committed to empowering and uplifting Syrian lives, through both philanthropy and business. Mustafa has more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business executive. He owns several international companies, specializing in diverse fields, from construction to agriculture. In the past two years alone, Mustafa has established three new companies, including Ekosmart, which produces environmentally friendly products for the agricultural industry. With a passion for helping others, Mustafa has applied his business acumen to various humanitarian initiatives. In particular, he is dedicated to supporting Syrian refugees in Turkey and around the world. Currently, Mustafa is the chair and founder of the Syrian Business Forum, a nonprofit with a mission to develop the Syrian economy and empower Syrian businesses. Mustafa attended university, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. .
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Ghassan Hitto
Board of Directors Member
CEO and board member of Syrian Forum, leads the organization in sustaining, supporting, and rebuilding Syrian lives. For more than 20 years, Ghassan worked as a business executive in the United States. Until 2011, he served as executive vice president at Inovar Technologies, a telecommunications solutions provider. In the wake of the Syrian conflict, however, Mr. Hitto decided to dedicate himself to supporting fellow Syrians through humanitarian aid and development. He co-founded and served as vice president of the Coalition for Free Syria and Shaam Relief Foundation. In 2013, Mr. Hitto joined Syrian Forum, where he continues to lead comprehensive initiatives focused on critical relief and long-term development in Syria. He also continues to serve as a member of the Syrian American Council’s national board. Ghassan earned bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from Indiana Purdue University, Indianapolis.
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Mohammed Yaser Tabbara
Board of Directors Member
Co-founder and board member of Syrian Forum, serves as the organization’s legal and strategy advisor. An international human rights attorney, Yaser has worked with the International Bar Association to support judicial and legal reform in Syria, and he has taught courses related to public international law at the University of Kalamoon in Damascus. He is a frequent media contributor and commentator on issues related to the crisis in Syria. An advocate for Arab and Muslim American rights, Yaser served as executive director of the Syrian American Council and co-founded the Chicago chapter of the Council for American Islamic Relations. Yaser attended the University of Illinois, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics. In 2002, he earned a Juris Doctor degree from DePaul University College of Law.

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Ph.D Ammar Khaf
Board of Directors Member
Co-founder and board member of Syrian Forum, currently serves as executive director of Omran for Strategic Studies, a policy research center focused on Syrian affairs. He also supports the organization as a political analyst and strategic advisor. Prior to joining Syrian Forum, Ammar served as a research manager at Strategic Research and Communication Center in London, where he published several policy papers on Syrian affairs. Ammar also worked as an assistant instructor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and he served as executive director of an Arab and Muslim community center in California, where he managed programs for at-risk youth and teachers. Ammar earned a Ph.D. from UCLA, after attaining master’s and bachelor’s degrees from the University of Jordan.

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A Message from Ihsan’s Team

The humanitarian response inside Syria remains one of the most complex challenges faced by Syrian Civil Society Organizations in particular and the international community in general. The rapid changes in the Syrian situation demand commitment and collective efforts to provide timely and needs-based services to the most vulnerable people inside Syria. The year of 2016 was a year of remarkable growth, which required increasing our team in Syria to exceed 750 member, women, and men, to support our programs in Aleppo, Idleb, Hama, Latakia and Dar’a, as well as hard to reach and besieged areas such as Rural Damascus and Homs.

Ihsan expanded its partners to include many UN agencies and international NGOs, the end of 2016 was crowned with a distinctive partnership with King Salman Humanitarian and Relief Center. In 2016 Ihsan managed to reach over 3 million beneficiaries in Syria, through its specialized projects in Women and Child Protection, WASH, Agricultural Programs, Food Security, Education and others. Our hope and energy remain strong, and we are striving in 2017 to increase and enrich our development programming to empower individuals and the community as a whole and reach the highest quality of work in accordance with international standards to alleviate the suffering of our people in Syria.


Rewards and Rankings

The GBV Sub-Cluster Capacity Building Initiative for PSS Provider.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ihsan?

We are a Syrian non-governmental organization whose mission is to improve the lives of Syrians through relief, recovery and development initiatives. We operate in various sectors and geographic areas throughout the country providing emergency and resilience based services to Syrian men, women and children.

When was Ihsan established?

We were established in July 2013, and we were officially registered in Turkey in April 2014.

What are the organization’s sources of funding?

In order to implement its wide variety of programs, we partner with a large spectrum of international non-governmental organizations, diaspora organizations and UN agencies.

Where does Ihsan have a presence?

Our organization is based in Southern Turkey, in Gaziantep, with 8 offices inside Syria. Our geographical presence is as follows:

  • In Idleb, we have 3 offices servicing the entire governorate.
  • In Aleppo, we have 2 offices that service areas in the governorate that are accessible to our field staff.
  • In Homs, we have 1 office in Northern Rural Homs.
  • In Daraa, we have 1 office servicing the governorate.
  • In Rural Damascus, we have 1 office in Eastern Ghouta.

What kinds of programs does Ihsan implement?

Our approach to service provision is focused on two tracks: emergency response and early development. Across our five programs which include WASH, Food Security and Livelihoods, Protection, Education and NFI/Shelter, activities include emergency response activities as well as development based approaches. To gain more insight on the specific programs and activities that we conduct.

How can I join the Ihsan team?

Opportunities to join our team are announced online on our website, as well as on various social media pages. Please make sure to keep checking our vacancies online, and make sure to follow the steps outlined.

How can we contact Ihsan?

To contact Ihsan for general inquiries or to help us identify needs, you can e-mail our organization at [email protected]. If you are inside Syria or Turkey, you are welcome to visit our offices.

Where can I send my complaints and feedback on the work of Ihsan?

Getting your feedback is key to improving our programs and work therefore we have set up a Whatsapp number for you to directly send us your feedback. The number is 0090 544 544 15 05.