Work at Ihsan RD

Does making a difference inspire you? Are you aware and driven to be a part of a bigger purpose in the support of Syrians inside/outside Syria? And, is professionalism which will guide your enthusiasm to help improving the lives of Syrians through relief, recovery and development initiatives?

Do you succeed in an environment that is truly multi-cultural, which respects as well as promotes diversity and functions at its best through the efforts of teams of different people?

These are some of the attributes that you will find in all Ihsan RD team members.

We want talents with integrity. Talents who are fair, impartial, and honest to themselves and others. We want proactive and adaptable people who are eager to think innovatively for the sake of Syrians’ and Syria’s future.

If you think you personify these values then this is the place for you and your career.

If you’re looking for a position with Ihsan RD you should also possess Ihsan RD both sets of competencies; the core that all of our team members have, and managerial which are possessed by our team members who have supervisory and/or managerial role.

Core Competencies

Stakeholder Orientation
Commitment to Continuous Learning
Planning and Organizing
Technological Awareness

Managerial Competencies

Empowering Others

Managing Performance
Building Trust