4,300 families benefit from the cash voucher project

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Ihsan for Relief and Development, one of the Syrian Forum‘s programs, partnered with GOAL to distribute cash vouchers to 4,300 families in the areas of Jisr al-Shughur, Mahambal, and Al-Janoudia.

These projects contribute to assisting the most vulnerable families by meeting their basic needs and improving their living conditions.

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Supporting 200 farmers and developing agriculture in northern Syria

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Ihsan Relief and Development, one of the Syrian Forum’s programs, works in cooperation with GIZ to support more than 200 farmers in A’zaz by providing them with 10 dunums of land for each beneficiary, in addition to olive harvest services, distribution of seeds, fertilizers, pruning tools, and training on cultivation, intercropping, manufacturing organic fertilizers, and methods of protecting crops from bacteria and fungi.


The project aims to support and develop agriculture in northern Syria by reducing production costs for farmers to improve their economic situation and achieve self-sufficiency.



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Those women are amazing, they turned the fabric scraps into valuable pieces

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Our masks’ manufacturing project has been completed.

It has produced 1,133,000 non-medical masks, taking into account sterilization standards. The project employed 122 workers under the cash-for-work program in the countryside of Idlib and Aleppo. IhsanRD held an exhibition for recycling fabric scraps, highlighting ways of reusing masks’ offcuts, in addition to training workers on a new type of production.

The project ended with training 40 female workers in sewing, so that they can have a sustainable job and income.

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Another story for a displaced family, the hero this time is the elder sister

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In a humble tent sewn from cloth, Samah, 30, lives with her two sisters and brother in the harsh conditions of displacement in western Aleppo countryside.
Samah’s life was completely turned upside down after she lost her parents as a result of the shelling that targeted the city of Sinjar in Idlib countryside, where her family lived, and then Samah found herself responsible on her family, besides the responsibility of taking care of her brother Salim 18 and her sister Samar 19 who have Down’s syndrome since she is the older sister who used to spend time with them, along with her younger sister, Salma, 26.
“We escaped at night from the constant shelling, we couldn’t take anything with us but our old and torn clothes. We headed north till we reached Aleppo countryside, we had no shelter, it was summer and the sun burns like a hell!. I could manage to get a few pieces of cloth and made a tent to become our new home. I had to do whatever it takes to find shelter for me and my family” Samah said.
Samah is the only breadwinner for her family and she works all day during the hot summer and cold winter in harvesting crops to be able to meet the basic needs of her family, and because of her absence at work she was not able to take care of her brother Salim and sister Samar and spend time with them as they used to before the displacement and the death of her parents.
Ihsan Relief and Development, in partnership with the World Food Program (WFP), provides monthly food aid to 34,000 from the most vulnerable families in northern Syria. IhsanRD team reached Samah’s family and provide them with a monthly food basket to help them withstand the harsh circumstances surrounding them.
The monthly food basket they received removed a huge burden of securing food on a daily basis, and now, Samah has more time to take care of Salim and Samar. Samah told us about their hopes that one day they will return home.

Training of beneficiaries in the Small-Grants Project funded by KSrelief

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Following-up to the implementation of the Small-Grants Project in the northern countryside of Aleppo, funded by King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre.
After collecting the applicants’ requests to the project in Al-Bab and Jarablus cities and verifying these requests to reach the most people in need and eligible beneficiaries who were selected after ensuring that their applications were aligned with the criteria set for this project. The beneficiaries were trained in groups of 25 or 30 trainees to ensure that the idea was well explained and get the best possible result. The training subjects concentrate on project planning and implementation, writing proposals, conducting economic studies of these projects, taking into account the principles of safety and security at work and environmental principles.
Through this training, IhsanRD aims to support beneficiaries in planning and developing their ideas and giving them the opportunity to increase income and achieve sustainability in their future projects. On the other hand, the training courses will support the beneficiaries to apply for subsequent grants to support them for the implementation of their future projects.
The Small-Grants Project is part of many projects funded by KSrelief in several Syrian governorates aimed at strengthening the resilience of the Syrians to face the harsh conditions they have suffered since the beginning of the war, also, aim to transfer beneficiaries from the state of dependence on relief assistance to work and production.