Launching a Project to Support Farmers in Ruj Plain and Sarqib for the Season 2017-2018

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Under the Food Security and Livelihoods Support Program, Ihsan started implementing an agricultural project for the 2017-2018 season in Idleb governorate (Ruj Plain and Saraqip areas) to assist the most needy farmers.

The project will provide support to the agricultural sector in the targeted areas as follows:
– Category I: support olive cultivation.
– Category II: support the cultivation of crops, and winter and summer vegetables.
– Category III: Supporting the cultivation of home gardens for the winter and summer seasons.

Agricultural support inputs will be distributed to the households as well as practical exercises through farmers field schools.

Distribution of Food Baskets to 21,000 Families in Sinjar, Azaz and Jisr al-Shughour Areas

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Within the slogan of “Providing a better life for Syrians” and in order to support the families most in need and alleviate their suffering during the difficult humanitarian conditions and ongoing war, Ihsan continues to distribute food baskets to 21,000 families across Sinjar, Azaz and Jisr Al-Shoughor areas. While this comes in partnership with the World Food Program.

Launching of Cash for Work Project in Al-Ghab Plain

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The Al-Ghab Plain area in north-western of Hama governorate has many irrigation channels that contribute to supply water to the neighboring and extended areas along the plain. But, the war circumstances and the inability of the local community to address the problem led to the cessation of access to these areas, where irrigation channels were damaged, causing the detention of water inside.

In response to the appeal of the people in the region, Ihsan launched its new project, which aims to rehabilitate about 35 km of irrigation infrastructure to facilitate water access and continuous flow.

This activity also contributes to securing employment opportunities for 1600 people within the project (Cash for Work)

IhsanRD is implementing an agricultural Development Project in Idlib Governorate.

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In pursuit of achieving #Food Security, and the contribution to improve the livelihoods, also to reduce the suffering our families are living nowadays. Ihsan for relief and development is implementing an agricultural development project (between olive trees) in #Kafar_Takhareem – north of Idlib governorate.
The project covers 2200 acres with two crops; chickpeas and bean, and the project is being implemented by the farmer of the same area in addition to other IDPs.
#Ihsan institution had focused on applying training workshops for the farmers, about the techniques used in this kind of agriculture.

The Home Gardens’ Project of Ihsan’s project at rural ‪#‎Homs‬, Syria

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The Agriculture Project is considered as one of the most important resources of ‪#‎Food_Security‬ and income for more than 190 thousand of people in the north of rural ‪#‎Homs‬, and the current siege is posing a direct threat on people’s life there.

The Home Gardens’ Project is considered as one of Ihsan’s project, in which it aims to achieve the Food_Security, and reduce the suffering that our families are living nowadays.