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Another story for a displaced family, the hero this time is the elder sister

In a humble tent sewn from cloth, Samah, 30, lives with her two sisters and brother in the harsh conditions ...
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How days pass like years, a long journey of displacement that Ahmed’s family going through

Ahmed, 72, displaced from the southern countryside of Idlib with his family of 13. Due to the recent military escalation ...
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How the legal awareness team at IhsanRD helps IDPs to obtain legal documents

There are many different stories of displaced people who flee the war zones in Syria, but they share the common ...
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With the help of her teacher, Shaimaa returns to play and concentrate in class after losing her parents

Shaimaa, 9, Syria – Aleppo A well-trained teacher who brought Shaimaa back on track At the age of 7, Shaimaa ...
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IhsanRD is one of the six institutions who contribute to improving Syrians life all over the world under the umbrella of Syrian Forum.