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Who we are

Ihsan Relief and Development is a service-oriented organization with developmental goals. Ihsan seeks to support basic development and service projects that address the needs of daily life while looking to have long-lasting impacts. Ihsan looks to support Syrians inside Syria and outside of Syria and does so by coordinating with local councils. Ihsan is working to recruit necessary grants funding provided by the international community organizations for the development projects inside Syria.


To provide Syrians with critical services to alleviate suffering, foster economic and social development, support a vibrant civil society, and build the capacity of local administrative councils


To become the most efficient, transparent, and responsive Syrian humanitarian organization, improving the lives of Syrians through relief, recovery, and development.


1- Transparency
2- Accountability
3- Integrity and Credibility
4- Leadership & Team Building
5- Equality
6- Dedication

Latest News 

Installing a solar energy system at the Al-Saliheen Water Station in Hirza

Our teams are installing a solar power system for the Al-Saliheen water station in the Hirza area, aiming to improve ...

Children’s entertainment event in Jindires for Eid Al-Fitr

A storyteller, a clown, and games brought together more than 70 children in Jindires, creating a safe and joyful space ...

Installation of solar panels at the water station in the Al-Madina Al-Munawara in Barisha

Our teams have completed the installation of the solar power system at the Al-Madina Al-Munawara Water Station in Barisha, as ...