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IhsanRD team has completed the rehabilitation of a central reserve bakery in the southern countryside of Idlib

Despite the ongoing war in Syria, IhsanRD continues its projects to restore food security and ensure safe access to food ...
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Parents and Teachers Committee (PTC), joint effort to develop schools supported by IhsanRD

PTC (Parents Teachers Committees) are committees that meet on a monthly basis in each school supported by IhsanRD. The committees ...
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Provide winterization support to IDPs families within IhsanRD Emergency Response Plan

 For the sixth year Consecutively, another winter comes on the displaced persons in Syria, estimated at 6.1 million internally displaced ...
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As winter is coming, 40 families will return to their homes in the countryside of Idlib after being repaired by IhsanRD

After six years of war, Syrian people have been living the world's largest refugee crisis since the Second World War, ...
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How we spent our funds
IhsanRD is one of the six institutions who contribute to improving Syrians life all over the world under the umbrella of Syrian Forum.