A Delegation from UNICEF Visits Ihsan Relief and Development Warehouses in Sarmada

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A delegation from UNICEF visited the warehouses of Ihsan Relief and Development, one of the Syrian Forum’s programs, in Sarmada, as part of the ongoing efforts to enhance humanitarian cooperation between the two organizations.

The visit aimed to review storage methods and procedures to ensure the safety of relief materials. Additionally, the delegation verified the implementation of necessary security measures to protect the warehouses and ensure aid reaches beneficiaries safely and efficiently.

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Graveling Al-Iman Camp in Jindires to Enhance Safety

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Al-Iman camp in #Jindires is now safer than ever!

Our teams have graveled the camp site to enhance the safety of residents and reduce the risks and accidents caused by the mud, facilitating the movement of people, especially the elderly and children. This also eases the entry and exit of vehicles, improving the delivery of essential services more effectively.

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Constructing Apartments for Earthquake Survivors in Abu Adam Camp, Bab Al-Hawa Region

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With the aim of providing suitable housing for those affected by the earthquake, our teams are continuing to work on the residential apartments project in Abu Adam camp in the Babsiqa area.

This project aims to offer 16 apartments, providing over 80 individuals with a dignified and comfortable start to a new life.

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How days pass like years, a long journey of displacement that Ahmed’s family going through

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Ahmed, 72, displaced from the southern countryside of Idlib with his family of 13.
Due to the recent military escalation in Hama and southern Idlib, and with the intensification of shelling on villages and on the civilian communities, Ahmad’s family was forced to flee like hundreds of thousands of Syrian families who left their homes and villages and headed north, where the situation is relatively safer.
“We left our house with the clothes we were wearing until we reached the western countryside of Aleppo, and we stayed in this worn tent with no mattresses or covers, we just wanted to survive!!
The villagers gave us an old mat and two mattresses to sleep on.” Ahmed said.
It was the most difficult thing Ahmed faced when he saw his children sleeping at night while they were lying on that worn mattresses. Before the displacement, he used to look after his children and cover them while sleeping at night.
“We were in this situation for 20 days, but we felt like it’s 20 years” said Ahmed.
In partnership with CARE International, IhsanRD is carrying out an Emergency Response to the newly displaced people in the north of Syria through the provision of emergency kits that contain mattresses, mat, plastic sheeting and insulation for the tent as well as a water jerrycans and a solar lamp, in addition to the kitchen kits containing spoons, dishes and a pot for cooking and mugs. Of these, 4,500 new arrived displaced families have benefited from this project in the western Aleppo countryside.
Ahmad received this aid and returned to his tent with the distribution team at IhsanRD. The family was very happy to get this assistance as the children opened the kits and scattered the items on the floor of the tent while they are laughing.
Now, Ahmed’s children can sleep on soft mattresses and enjoy the warmth of their blankets in the hope that one day they will return to their home and sleep safely in their beds when the war ends.

Emergency response to IDPs in collaboration with UNICEF

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In cooperation with our partners, #IhsanRD is meeting the needs of displaced families in northern Syria through the provision of water and sanitation services, and the distribution of hygiene and dignity kits to as many people as possible.
Your support will help us deliver assistance to the most vulnerable people in Syria, especially among displaced communities.

The continuation of various activities in water, hygiene and emergency response for displaced people within the joint project between IhsanRD and UNICEF

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The activities of the project, initiated by IhsanRD in early March, will continue in cooperation with the United Nations International Emergency Fund for Children (UNICEF) to support the resilience of Syrian people in the North of Syria through various projects in trucking water, installation of water tanks, and restoration of a number of water stations, which help to secure clean water for about 150,000 residents of the area hosting large numbers of displaced people from various parts of Syria.

In addition to supporting the population with drinking water, the IhsanRD-UNICEF joint project aims to increase hygiene in the camps and shelters by The installation of toilets with standard specifications in accordance with the basic standards of “Sphere”, as well as the establishment of facilities for the management of solid waste and the collection and disposal of waste from the camps and deportation.

The project also includes support for displaced families through the provision of hygiene kits, blankets, dignity kits, winter clothing kits and water bottles with tablets for sterilization of drinking water.

IhsanRD responds to IDPs of eastern Ghouta

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As the continued displacement waves from the eastern Ghouta and neighborhood of Al-Kadam in Damascus is still arriving to the northern Syria, the emergency response teams continue to work to receive these waves of displacement. Where the number exceeded 29 thousand displaced in March alone.

IhsanRD, in collaboration with a number of “Syrian NGO Alliance” members, is coordinating the response to the new IDPs within Idlib governorate. During March, the waves of displacement have been received one after the other at the reception point – Point 0- then transporting the displaced families to temporary shelters before heading to their new residence in the north of Syria.

IhsanRD’s and other humanitarian organizations’ teams are working on the ground to provide the basic needs to the displaced people such as drinking water, hygiene kits, dignity kits, blankets and children’s clothing, within “0 Point” and in temporary shelters. IhsanRD’s emergency response team also, builds toilets and maintains cleanliness at the reception point, as well as providing continuous water.

“Waseem” the Coordinator of Emergency Response at IhsanRD, spoke of the efforts being made by saying:

“The emergency response teams in the field continues the night by day to provide basic services to new IDPs who have been still flowing continuously and in large numbers.” IhsanRD and a large number of humanitarian organizations are doing their best to alleviate the suffering of our displaced people, and there is great cooperation and coordination at the highest levels among the Syrian organizations, but there are too many needs to provide and we must act quickly, especially as Ramadan approaches “.

IhsanRD’s response comes with the support of the United Nations International Emergency Fund for Children (UNICEF), where a joint project to support new displaced persons in northern Syria was signed a recently through many projects like trucking water to the camps and rehabilitate a number of water plants in the north of Syria. The project also includes the distribution of 48.000 hygiene kits, 18.000 blankets, 10.000 clothes basket, 25.000 water plastic bottles, 9.000 plastic cover and 4000 dignity kits. In addition to the construction and rehabilitation of water courses in reception centers for displaced persons and in camps.

Distribution of dignity kits to displaced families in Idlib countryside – Video

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needs for women and girls are important services to provide for displaced people, as is the case for shelter and food.
IhsanRD in the field is still working side by side for the displaced, to ease their suffering.

Your support, definitely will make a difference !

Provide winterization support to IDPs families within IhsanRD Emergency Response Plan

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 For the sixth year Consecutively, another winter comes on the displaced persons in Syria, estimated at 6.1 million internally displaced persons according to the UNHCR, more than half of them are children living with their families in very difficult conditions in camps or some gatherings places that are not protected by the harsh winter, many do not have heaters and burn plastics to get some warm, and may not have enough blankets for everyone in the family.
IhsanRD team inside Syria met some children were dressed in torn or light clothes because they could not bring all their clothes when they were displaced. “we fled the war leaving our house without packing our stuff, there was no time to gather our clothes .. my winter clothes still in the house and now I don’t have clothes for winter” said Samir, 10 years old who lives with his family in a camp in Idlib countryside.
Therefore, Ihsan for Relief and Development is working through emergency response plan to help the displaced people so that they can overcome the harsh winter, IhsanRD will distribute winterization kits and winter clothing support vouchers for more than 3000 families in 9 villages of Idlib countryside in the areas of Kafranbal, Ma’arah al-Nu’man, and Ihsem for IDPs or families that do not have a breadwinner and depending on women to live.
The winterization kit includes a fireplace, a solar lamp, blankets, mattresses, water bottle, and plastic cover. Winter clothing vouchers are worth $ 69, which allows the holder to purchase winter clothing according to the need and suitability sizes for family members.
“Time is a challenge because the situation of refugees is getting worse every day as winter comes on. That’s why we looked at the availability of the local market and the use of the voucher system, which allows for a very quick response and provides the family what they need of clothing to suit the size of its members instead of providing clothes within the kit maybe the family doesn’t need”.