Provide winterization support to IDPs families within IhsanRD Emergency Response Plan

By Wednesday December 13th, 2017Latest News, Shelter&NFI, Videos
 For the sixth year Consecutively, another winter comes on the displaced persons in Syria, estimated at 6.1 million internally displaced persons according to the UNHCR, more than half of them are children living with their families in very difficult conditions in camps or some gatherings places that are not protected by the harsh winter, many do not have heaters and burn plastics to get some warm, and may not have enough blankets for everyone in the family.
IhsanRD team inside Syria met some children were dressed in torn or light clothes because they could not bring all their clothes when they were displaced. “we fled the war leaving our house without packing our stuff, there was no time to gather our clothes .. my winter clothes still in the house and now I don’t have clothes for winter” said Samir, 10 years old who lives with his family in a camp in Idlib countryside.
Therefore, Ihsan for Relief and Development is working through emergency response plan to help the displaced people so that they can overcome the harsh winter, IhsanRD will distribute winterization kits and winter clothing support vouchers for more than 3000 families in 9 villages of Idlib countryside in the areas of Kafranbal, Ma’arah al-Nu’man, and Ihsem for IDPs or families that do not have a breadwinner and depending on women to live.
The winterization kit includes a fireplace, a solar lamp, blankets, mattresses, water bottle, and plastic cover. Winter clothing vouchers are worth $ 69, which allows the holder to purchase winter clothing according to the need and suitability sizes for family members.
“Time is a challenge because the situation of refugees is getting worse every day as winter comes on. That’s why we looked at the availability of the local market and the use of the voucher system, which allows for a very quick response and provides the family what they need of clothing to suit the size of its members instead of providing clothes within the kit maybe the family doesn’t need”.