Women’s Creativity Center in Armanaz Trains Over 300 Women in Sewing

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The Women’s Creativity Center in Armanaz is organizing a sewing training program for 40 women from the region. The training includes learning the basics of fashion design and sewing.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 300 women in Armanaz have benefited from this training, which contributes to empowering women professionally and economically and improves their living conditions by acquiring the skills necessary to start their own businesses.

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Rehabilitation of damaged toilets in 75 schools in Idlib

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As the new school year draws near, our teams, in cooperation with UNICEF, are working to rehabilitate and construct restroom facilities for 75 schools located in Idlib ( Hezreh – Sarmada).

Additionally, we are supplying garbage containers and dumpsters and ensuring a daily water supply to these schools.

The objective of this project is to establish a secure and healthy school environment for over 44,300 students. This will enable them to focus on their studies without the burden of essential needs weighing on their minds.


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More than 250 children participate in the back-to-school campaign in Harem, with health and awareness activities

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Over 250 enthusiastic students at Al-Itqan Center in Harim joined the Back-to-School campaign. This special initiative highlighted the significance of education, school attendance, and the value of summer classes to bridge the learning gaps caused by the earthquake’s impact.

The campaign also focused on health awareness, promoting cleanliness to avoid diseases and epidemics.

Al-Itqan Center started over 4 years ago with the concept of a mobile teacher, which later evolved into an educational tent and now a center that enriches the lives of hundreds of students every year.


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Health Awareness in Idlib and Azaz Camps: Preventing Chronic Diseases and Personal Hygiene

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More than 150,000 beneficiaries in 115 displacement camps in A’zaz and Idlib received awareness sessions on general health and the prevention of chronic diseases such as cholera. The sessions also aimed to educate the beneficiaries about the significance of maintaining personal hygiene, particularly in high-temperature conditions that pose an elevated risk of contracting infectious diseases.


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Installation of a Sanitary Sewer Network in Jabal Harim

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More than 10,800 people residing in 6 camps located in the Harem Mountain are benefiting from the sewage network extension project.

The project ensures a safe and clean environment free from the risk of diseases caused by water pollution, especially during the summer.


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