Rehabilitation of damaged toilets in 75 schools in Idlib

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As the new school year draws near, our teams, in cooperation with UNICEF, are working to rehabilitate and construct restroom facilities for 75 schools located in Idlib ( Hezreh – Sarmada).

Additionally, we are supplying garbage containers and dumpsters and ensuring a daily water supply to these schools.

The objective of this project is to establish a secure and healthy school environment for over 44,300 students. This will enable them to focus on their studies without the burden of essential needs weighing on their minds.


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Health Awareness in Idlib and Azaz Camps: Preventing Chronic Diseases and Personal Hygiene

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More than 150,000 beneficiaries in 115 displacement camps in A’zaz and Idlib received awareness sessions on general health and the prevention of chronic diseases such as cholera. The sessions also aimed to educate the beneficiaries about the significance of maintaining personal hygiene, particularly in high-temperature conditions that pose an elevated risk of contracting infectious diseases.


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Installation of a Sanitary Sewer Network in Jabal Harim

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More than 10,800 people residing in 6 camps located in the Harem Mountain are benefiting from the sewage network extension project.

The project ensures a safe and clean environment free from the risk of diseases caused by water pollution, especially during the summer.


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Improving Water and Sanitation Services in Salqin Camps

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Within the 12 temporary shelters and camps in Salqin, over 11,500 individuals are benefiting from essential water and sanitation services. This includes the installation of water tanks, construction of toilet blocks, and the preparation of septic tanks to ensure proper wastewater management. These efforts aim to create a clean, healthy, and disease-free environment for the people in the area, promoting their well-being and overall quality of life.


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More than 115 thousand beneficiaries will be able to access clean water

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More than 115 thousand beneficiaries will be able to access clean water after completing the restoration of 9 high water tanks in Ariha, Salqin, Atarib and other areas affected by the recent earthquake in northwestern Syria.

Ihsan for Relief and Development, one of the Syrian Forum’s programs, works in cooperation with UNICEF to ensure people have sustainable access to clean water to maintain personal hygiene and reduce the risks of waterborne diseases.

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Rehabilitation of the water system in Kafr Nasih town

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The war in Syria has caused a lot of destruction in the water infrastructure, and many health facilities have been disrupted, whether those related to the supply of water for domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes or to sewage treatment as well, as this puts people at risk of constant suffering and negatively affects their health.

The town of Kafr Nasih, like many other areas in northwestern Syria, its residents suffer from the difficulty of securing water and importing it from remote places, and taking rugged roads. In addition to the financial cost of accessing water, this water may be unsafe for human use.

IhsanRD considers water sector as a high priority, especially clean and sterilized drinking water, it recently provided potable water to this town by rehabilitating the entire water system there, IhsanRD established a solar energy system with a capacity of 54,000 electric watts which can provide 500 cubic meters of water daily.

Through this project, IhsanRD used solar energy since it is safe and sustainable energy, and it also contributes to a clean environment, reduces noise (silent clean energy), and even on an economic level, it does not cost people maintenance and operational fees.

Number of people benefited from this project is 11,000 , including town’s residents and the displaced people in nearby camps.



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Sultan gets a high school diploma and takes a seat at the university

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Sultan al-Jassim “Abu Mohammed” from the town of Souran, in the northern countryside of Hama, was a local teacher in the village elementary school for 20 years. Due to the war, Sultan was forced to move and live in IDPs camps in the area of Ma’arat al-Nu’man in Idlib, under very harsh conditions. IhsanRD’s team met Sultan during the water services activities of WASH program, as the members of the team were impressed by Sultan’s determination despite his difficult circumstances and age, dreaming in a better future. He graduated from high school with his son and daughter at the same time. He managed to succeed and booked seats at the University of Idlib to study Arabic and his daughter in the Faculty of Education and his son in the Faculty of Architecture. Sultan goes to university every day with his two children and returns to their tent, which does not protect them from hot in summer or cold in winter, believing that man can change his reality with determination and will.