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Harsh Winter in Northern Syrian Camps: Intense Rainfall and Cold Creep into the Lives of Our Children

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A harsh winter and another tragedy that’s been recurring for years to our people in the camps of #northernSyria. A severe rainstorm has swept across the region, making people feel oppression even in the raindrops. We watch our children shivering in the cold, powerless and weak!

We pray to God to help them and alleviate all their suffering.

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Resilience in Action: Syrian Women Turning Economic Challenges into Opportunities for Change and Empowerment

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Despite the #challenges they face, women in Syria, through their self-reliance, invest in changes imposed by war. They persist in their revolution against their reality, using tools that are simple, striving diligently to preserve their achievements and new roles, building upon them as a solid first step towards #economic #empowerment.

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Northern Syria: The Struggle of Displaced People Intensifies with the Arrival of Winter

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The hardship of our people in northern Syria renews with every winter season. Despite the goodness and joy that rain brings to the residents, its presence now paints sadness and suffering on the faces of families whose journey of displacement in the camps of northern Syria has lasted for more than ten years.

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Sustainable Education in Syria: Building a Bright Future for Children

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Arranging books in the school bag in the morning, going to school to hear the sound of the bell, and sitting in the classroom next to a favorite friend are details that millions of Syrian children have not experienced.

Through our education projects, we strive to build the teachers’ capacities, and provide compensatory and exemplary education for students who have dropped out of school. This includes the rehabilitation of schools and educational facilities, to support the educational process and build an educated generation that contributes to the development of their community.

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Sustainable Clean Water Supply for 15,000 Beneficiaries in Hawari, Bashir, and Ayadi Camps

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Over 15,000 individuals in Al-Hawari, Al-Bashir, and Al-Ayadi camps have sustainable access to clean water following the complete rehabilitation of the Al-Hawari water station. The station is equipped with essential equipment to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of clean water. This project plays a crucial role in reducing the residents’ hardships by granting them reliable access to clean water, consequently improving their overall health and safety.

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Health Awareness to Prevent Cholera in Salwa Camps

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In order to reduce the risk of #cholera infection and its spread among children, our teams organize health awareness sessions in the Salwa camps to introduce the causes of the disease, methods of transmission, and how to prevent it, with a focus on the importance of general and personal hygiene.

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Constructing Apartments for Earthquake Survivors in Abu Adam Camp, Bab Al-Hawa Region

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With the aim of providing suitable housing for those affected by the earthquake, our teams are continuing to work on the residential apartments project in Abu Adam camp in the Babsiqa area.

This project aims to offer 16 apartments, providing over 80 individuals with a dignified and comfortable start to a new life.

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Conclusion of the 16-Day Campaign Against Violence: Emphasizing the Role of Women in Building Syria’s Future

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Our teams, along with many international and humanitarian aid organizations, in the presence of David Carden, the Deputy Regional Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Syria, and Ziad Nabulsi, Director of the UNFPA office, concluded the 16-day campaign against gender-based violence. The campaign focused on the crucial role of women in building communities and advancing the economic, social, and political future of Syria.

During her speech, Majd Sawan, the Protection Sector Coordinator at Ihsan for Relief and Development, emphasized the need to #support humanitarian workers and provide them with protection. She highlighted the importance of economically empowering #women through training and supporting small projects. Additionally, she stressed the enhancement of the institutional capacity of organizations in the field of gender-based violence and related programs.

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