Health Awareness to Prevent Cholera in Salwa Camps

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In order to reduce the risk of #cholera infection and its spread among children, our teams organize health awareness sessions in the Salwa camps to introduce the causes of the disease, methods of transmission, and how to prevent it, with a focus on the importance of general and personal hygiene.

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Constructing Apartments for Earthquake Survivors in Abu Adam Camp, Bab Al-Hawa Region

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With the aim of providing suitable housing for those affected by the earthquake, our teams are continuing to work on the residential apartments project in Abu Adam camp in the Babsiqa area.

This project aims to offer 16 apartments, providing over 80 individuals with a dignified and comfortable start to a new life.

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Conclusion of the 16-Day Campaign Against Violence: Emphasizing the Role of Women in Building Syria’s Future

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Our teams, along with many international and humanitarian aid organizations, in the presence of David Carden, the Deputy Regional Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Syria, and Ziad Nabulsi, Director of the UNFPA office, concluded the 16-day campaign against gender-based violence. The campaign focused on the crucial role of women in building communities and advancing the economic, social, and political future of Syria.

During her speech, Majd Sawan, the Protection Sector Coordinator at Ihsan for Relief and Development, emphasized the need to #support humanitarian workers and provide them with protection. She highlighted the importance of economically empowering #women through training and supporting small projects. Additionally, she stressed the enhancement of the institutional capacity of organizations in the field of gender-based violence and related programs.

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Building a Water Station in Al-Qunitrah to Provide Clean Water in Western Idlib

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In order to provide more than 2,200 people with safe and clean water, Ihsan for Relief and Development, one of the Syrian Forum’s programs, in cooperation with UNICEF, completed the construction works of the Al-Qunitrah water station in western Idlib. Such projects aim to reduce people’s suffering to access clean drinking water and minimize the risk of contracting diseases due to pollution.

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Harsh Winter Threatens Displaced People in Northwest Syria: Cold, Rain, and Mud

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As winter rolls into northwest Syria, concerns grow over the fate of more than 1.8 million displaced people in displacement camps. Living under harsh conditions, with a lack of food, shelter, and healthcare, these displaced people face the challenges of bitter cold, insufficient heating, and the risk of diseases, in addition to the fear of their tents collapsing and camps flooding. A scene that has been recurring for 12 years.

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Child Protection Centers: Safe Environment to Enhance Children’s Lives in Times of Crisis

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Child protection centers play an important role in #protecting children during times of crisis, providing them with a safe environment that helps them adapt to traumas they may face. Our #centers also offer psychosocial support #services and contribute to the development of children’s life skills.

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Champions of the Camps League in Harbnoush: Enhancing Community Cohesion and Developing Skills for Displaced Children

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To enhance social cohesion between displaced children and neighboring towns, and to #develop their #physical and sports skills, the Ihsan Relief and Development, one of the Syrian Forum’s programs, organized a football tournament in Harbnoush titled ‘Champions of the Camps #League.’ 8 teams participated, with 80 children, including 10 with special needs, from 6 camps located in the rural area of Idlib. The tournament concluded with the distribution of #prizes to the winning teams to motivate them towards success and continuity.

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Harsh Winter Conditions Grip Camps in Northwest Syria

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Temperatures tonight, in northwest Syria, range between 0 and 2 degrees Celsius. The suffering in the camps has been going on for 12 years now. There is no fuel for heating, no proper roads to prevent mud build up, no adequate nutrition to strengthen children’s bodies, nor good clothes to protect their hands from the cold, in addition to many other tragedies.

More than 1.8 million people live in these camps and endure these hardships. It is our collective responsibility to ensure a less harsh winter for them than in the past.

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