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Mobile Protection Teams at IhsanRD respond to IDPs

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Exposure to psychological stress among IDPs, especially children, may affect them for the rest of their lives.

What Does IhsanRD do about it?

At the reception points of the displaced, in the camps and during the long journey of displacement, thousands of children find themselves in a state of instability or are held in a place where they do not know where they will go after and how the next phase will be and what the unknown fate awaits them, which may affect their psychological stability and development in future.

IhsanRD and through Mobile Protection Teams helps displaced children and adults to overcome the plight of displacement through the provision of psychological support services and management of critical cases and recreational activities for children in addition to awareness sessions for parents and adults.

When the displaced feel this support, it will help to overcome the negative effects associated with the stress experienced by displaced families such as the emergence of unhealthy lifestyles, hostile behavior and psychological situations, whether simple or advanced.

IhsanRD’s mobile protection teams responded to the large waves of displacement that have reached northern Syria recently from Ghouta and northern Homs countryside. After years of besiegement, large numbers of displaced people arrived on an arduous journey that had a profound impact on children and adults. This led to an urgent response by seven mobile teams providing recreational activities for children as well as adult awareness sessions on child protection, gender-based violence and awareness raising of mine risk education. They also provide the first psychological aid to the displaced as soon as they arrive to inform them of their places of reception and the map of services available in the region, and distribute baskets of dignity to women and girls.

In addition to these activities, IhsanRD’s Protection Team provides referral services to the protection centers for children and women within IhsanRD or the centers of other humanitarian organizations, as the case may be.

As protection services for children, women and the most vulnerable are usually linked to other services, IhsanRD coordinates between its various programs to manage situations requiring special assistance through mobile teams providing direct support to vulnerable situations selected according to weaknesses criterias identified in the program.

As part of the emergency response campaign for IDPs, about 28,875 people will benefit from the services provided by IhsanRD’s Mobile Protection Tteams, including 20,200 children.

Protection program at IhsanRD trains the members of mobile teams to be responsible for providing a high quality of services to the beneficiaries, there have been multiple trainings for 53 members of the mobile teams on various topics in child protection, gender-based violence, ERW, Separated children.

IhsanRD also train 75 Ihsan staff members from its various programs sectors on the principles of protection and identification of cases that need coordination with the case management team.

How monthly food baskets assist displaced families to survive in northern Syria

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From displacement to another, the suffering of Syrians continues. Hoping to return to their homes one day, the families now are spending their days trying to survive.
The war in which more than 400,000 people have lost their lives and a further 11 million civilians have been displaced from their homes, causing a deep humanitarian crisis in the country and the whole region.

Basic resources like water and shelter are scarce, and millions of children have been uprooted from school and any sense of stability. Harsh winters and hot summers make the life for a displaced person even more difficult. The effects of the conflict are unimaginable.

One fact is very simple: millions of Syrians need our help. According to the U.N., $4.6 billion was required to meet the urgent needs of the most vulnerable Syrians in 2017 — but only a little more than half was received.
The host communities of displaced people, such as those in Idlib and Northern Aleppo, received them and provided shelter, but this is not enough to meet the basic needs of displaced families. Goods and services are expensive and difficult to obtain in many areas devastated by war.

The crucial question facing the head of the family like Mu’taz is how will I feed my family today?
Moataz, who has fled from northern Hama, was able to secure a modest income job in an effort to support his family, but he could not provide enough food for them because of expensive prices.
“When we had no food to eat, we sent our children to borrow from neighbors. Sometimes, we ate less so that our children could eat,” says Moataz’s wife.

This is what happened with the Mu’taz family, like many displaced families, before IhsanRD launched its project of distribution food baskets supported by the World Food Programme. IhsanRD’s team provides monthly food baskets for 19,982 families in Al-Atareb, A’zaz and Daret Ezzah in the camps and within host communities.

This assistance often provides a lifeline for vulnerable families. As food needs are met, Mu’taz can now provide his family with other basic needs besides food.
“Now I do not worry much about getting food how and where. IhsanRD’s food distribution center is close to my home” says Moataz.

What can we do?
In many areas where it works, IhsanRD is implementing food security projects and supporting the livelihoods of affected communities to help them meet their needs and reduce their dependence on aid. Where IhsanRD teams work in several projects to support and rehabilitate bakeries and food security facilities and assist the people and training them on gardening skills and the cultivation of home gardens and support for farmers and cash-for-work projects.

Livestock Support Project

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In Livestock Support Project funded by KSRelief, not only are we delivering cows to the most vulnerable families, but we also follow-up and coach them on techniques to ensure that each family will be able to produce dairy and other products to rely on itself and earn a living.

Rehabilitation Of main bakery in Mohambel

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At IhsanRD, we believe that our mission to support food security in Syria is not limited to emergency response in the form of food baskets, but also to provide sustainable services through the rehabilitation of bakeries and different food facilities. Watch how IhsanRD’s team rehabilitates the main bakery in Mohambel in partnership with Welthungerhilfe and funded by German Foreign Office, serving more than 50,000 people in 12 villages around the town in Idlib.

Story of Thabit – Home Gardening Project

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In the Home Gardening Project, we do not only provide agricultural tools and resources, but IhsanRD’s team also trains beneficiaries to be more productive and self-reliant. In the video, watch how Thabit benefits from the training and support provided by IhsanRD to convert his land into an income source for his family.

Funded by King Salman Humanitarian Aid And Relief Centre, IhsanRD launched a new project to support small businesses in northern Syria

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Believing in the ability of the Syrians to make living and produce, and towards empowering the most vulnerable people in society, IhsanRD has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a number of local councils in northern Syria in order to start a new project to support small businesses in the region that will give beneficiary families the opportunity to be self-reliant and take the lead in insurance of food and decent living.

This Project is part of a series of projects funded by King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre, in several Syrian governorates aimed at strengthening the resilience of the Syrians in face of the difficult conditions they have suffered since the beginning of the war. These projects are also directed at moving beneficiaries from a state of dependence on food aid to a state of active work and production.
The Small Businesses Support Project in northern Syria is being implemented over a period of 6 month. Afterward, it will expand to several villages in the northern countryside of Aleppo. The project provides support to 150 beneficiaries selected from IDPs and host communities from the most vulnerable people.

The project activities include two main phases:
The first phase of the project (training), where the training will be provided to the beneficiaries on the design and planning of small business projects, including the budget planning and development of the project strategy and considering the principles of security and safety and environmental conservation during the implementation of the business. As well as practical training on how to fill the project proposal to be submitted to the selection committee for projects to be supported.

The second phase of the project (support and consultation) After the trainees submit the project proposals, a specialized team from IhsanRD will study the submitted proposals and grant approvals for the projects that meet the criteria. The beneficiaries will be supported by materials and equipment necessary for them to start their own business.

Finally, IhsanRD’s team will provide technical support and consultation to ensure the continuity and success of the project. “By supporting small businesses, we aim at securing stable income for beneficiaries and to give them the opportunity to start their own businesses that support their independence away from relying on traditional relief assistance,” said Mr. Loay, project manager at IhsanRD.

Supporting agricultural activities and livestock in several governorates of Syria, funded by King Salman Relief Center

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One would be impressed by the Syrians’ determination to continue their lives in the face of a fierce war that has been going on for more than seven years and has damaged most of the infrastructure in many parts of Syria. It has become difficult for the Syrians to advance production and secure a living under these harsh circumstances. Indeed, there is an urgent need for emergency response with food aid, shelter, hygiene kits and winter baskets for more than 6.1 million internally displaced persons, especially with the recent high level of fighting that has led to the displacement of about 300,000 civilians in Idlib governorate, in addition to the displacement of a large number of people from rural Damascus and northern Homs. However, most Syrians prefer to produce their own crops and earn their livelihood rather than simply getting food aid baskets. This has led many humanitarian organizations to establish food security and livelihood support projects in a way that allows people to have a decent and sustainable livelihood.

An example of this is the project launched by King Salman Humanitarian Aid And Relief Centre to enable the most in need families of displaced people and the host communities in a number of Syrian governorates to support agricultural activities and support the livestock sector. The project is being implemented in cooperation with Ihsan Relief and Development.

The project consists of two main sections. The first is to support the agricultural activities in the western Aleppo countryside and the Qalqat al-Mideq area in Hama governorate. The second section is to support the livestock sector in Daraa governorate and in the A’azaz area in the northern Aleppo countryside.

The section of supporting agricultural activities, is based on two stages: the first was the support of 3390 resident families and 3,390 displaced families through the distribution of sufficient seeds for the cultivation of 3.5 dunums of summer vegetables (tomato – pepper – eggplant – cucumber). 0.5 Donum (home gardens for displaced families). A ​​relationship is established between the beneficiaries and the displaced by giving preference to the host population who agree to give 0.5 dunums of their land to a displaced family free of charge for planting them as a garden for the summer vegetables to be cultivated. The project team provides balanced fertilizers (NPK), agricultural pesticides and a fuel to support supplemental irrigation of 60 liters per beneficiary.

The second stage of supporting agricultural activities in the project: IhsanRD is providing sufficient seeds to plant 5 dunums per beneficiary at a rate of 25 kg per dunum to 3390 beneficiaries, distributed according to the importance of the wheat crop in each area, availability of areas, population, availability of natural resources. The beneficiaries are supported by NPK compound fertilizer at a rate of 15 kg per dunum to meet the wheat crop needs throughout its biological stages. As well as the provision of agricultural pesticides and the distribution of fuel vouchers to support supplementary irrigation for resident and displaced families. Courses will also be held, including technical training for the target farmers, to increase their knowledge skills on the best agricultural practices for growing wheat crops, in line with basic agricultural practices.

The second section of the project supports livestock in two activities: The first is the distribution of 4020 sheep with fodder for three months, and 2010 families will benefit of this activity where each family gets two sheep heads. The distribution will be carried out in A’azaz and Daraa areas, with securing vaccines for sheeps.

The second activity is to provide 100 dairy cows with fodder for two consecutive months for 100 beneficiary families in the mentioned areas.

The necessary medicines and vaccines will be provided and the veterinary supervision of these cows for six months, during this period, a portion of milk (5 kg) of each cow will be taken daily and distributed to 100 displaced families in the same targeted areas.

Dr. Mustafa, a project manager at IhsanRD, expressed the importance of this project by saying: ” The need for Syrians is no longer limited to the demand for sustenance through the monthly food basket, but the need to feel their ability to produce has motivated them to withstand the harsh conditions they face. This project, which is being funded by King Salman Humanitarian Aid And Relief Centre, is a very important step in the right direction towards empowering people with the ability to secure their daily lives and live in dignity.”

Success Story from Women’s Creativity Center

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“It is a great feeling to make clothes for my family and children and to help my husband during these difficult circumstances.” Participant in the Women’s Creativity Center.

More than 5,000 women benefit every month from IhsanRD’s Women’s Creativity Centers inside Syria.

Learn about the mobile teams within the protection program at IhsanRD

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In times of conflict, children are the most vulnerable to trauma. The children of Syria have gone through all sorts of terrible experiences since the beginning of the uprising seven years ago, which led to many psychological problems to children, especially within families who were forced to flee their homes to escape the continuous shelling.
IhsanRD works to provide psychosocial support to children through a number of field activities such as the establishment of Child-Friendly Spaces distributed in many regions in Syria, that provide safe places for children to play and learn.

IhsanRD also has a number of mobile teams that provide psychosocial support to children in vast areas in Syrian cities and countrysides through recreational activities like games, competitions and group songs for children, as well as awareness activities on child protection issues and raising awareness of war remnants.

Ms. Azza a Protection Officer at IhsanRD said: “bittersweet feelings on our faces when many children at the end of the activity ask us if the team will return the next day. We wish we could visit children on a daily basis especially when they invite us to visit them again, that’s how we feel the importance of our work.

In addition to activities for children, the mobile teams organize awareness sessions for adults within the Parental Skills Program, which aims to train parents and raise their awareness about correct pedagogy and dealing with children.

Students’ trip in Daraa Governorate

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Education is a natural right for every child. So is playing outdoors and enjoying Syria’s nature in the springtime. The education team at IhsanRD organized a field trip for students attending schools supported by King Salman Relief Center in Daraa Governorate.