In order to reintegrate children into education process, IhsanRD distributed 1000 school kits in the north of Syria

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Protection Program within IhsanRD through the Case Management Team, seeks to provide appropriate growth opportunities for vulnerable children and reintegrate them into schools within the working areas of IhsanRD in Syria, which have recently witnessed a major trend of pushing children to work and dropping out of schools because of the need for income, and the lack of educational institutions in some areas.
IhsanRD team through the case management department aims to identify children who dropped out of education and reintegrate them into appropriate education within the formal or informal education process, ensuring their growth opportunities and strengthen family resources to gain some stability that provides educational growth opportunities for these children.
Last week, protection team in IhsanRD has reached 1000 children in Tqad, al-Sahhara and Armanaz (600 children in Tqad and al-Sahharah , 400 children in Armnaz) to reintegrate them into education again through the linking process and providing school kits containing stationery in addition to a curriculum suitable for the child’s age and educational level. This activity was carried out in cooperation with the Child Protection Network in the project’s areas, which IhsanRD believes in activating its work as local bodies close to the community and directly contribute to the promotion of child protection and protection of vulnerable groups within their regions, IhsanRD teams work closely with the Child Protection Network to support and reactivate its role after deterioration in the last years of the war and the harsh conditions experienced by the Syrian society.
The Case Management Department as a part of protection team in IhsanRD continues to monitor the stability of children in their schools and receive appropriate education.

Parents and Teachers Committee (PTC), joint effort to develop schools supported by IhsanRD

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PTC (Parents Teachers Committees) are committees that meet on a monthly basis in each school supported by IhsanRD. The committees consist of / representatives of the teachers, representatives of the parents, a representative of the educational society, a representative of the educational office, the field officer supervising the school /
Through these meetings, IhsanRD aims to involve community, parents and stakeholders in supporting the educational process by discussing the following topics in the meetings:
  • Develop security and safety plans in schools
  • Discuss the activities carried out in schools and identify weaknesses and gaps in implementation
  • Assist in planning activities to be carried out within the project
  • Highlighting problems in schools and students and helping to resolve them if possible
These meetings are part of the IhsanRD project to support of five schools in the western Aleppo countryside with 3250 students.
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For the second year consecutively, first aid bags and fire extinguishers for schools supported By Ihsan

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As part of the efforts of the Ihsan to develop the safety and security plan in schools supported by it, these schools were provided with first aid bags and fire extinguishers for the second year consecutively.

IhsanRD contributes to the support of the educational process in Syria through its educational programs.

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Death machine continues to harvest more lives and thousands of schools in ‪#‎Syria‬ are being destroyed.

According to international organizations statistics, about five thousand‪#‎schools‬ have been partially or completely destroyed in Syria, which deprived thousands of students from ‪#‎education‬.

In their attempt to find solutions, some institutions have established temporary field schools in less dangerous areas, in addition to repairing and rehabilitation of partially destroyed schools.

Ihsan Relief & Development contributes to the support of the educational process in Syria through its educational programs.
‪#‎Ihsan‬ has already managed to prepare and rehabilitate 3 schools in‪#‎Anadan‬‪#‎Khan‬ Alasl and ‪#‎Kafrbesin‬ in Aleppo.