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Safe return of Tal Salour School students after renovation

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Tel Salour School in Jinderes has reopened its doors to over 350 students, following recent renovations, to guarantee their safe return to class and offer a nurturing academic setting conducive to their educational progress. Here, students will resume their studies with enthusiasm, aiming to forge a promising future.

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Child Protection Training at 4 Educational Centers

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In our pursuit to foster a safe environment for students, our teams organized a training on child protection basics at 4 centers, with the participation of 68 teachers. The training focused on building teachers’ capacities and raising awareness about children’s rights and the community’s responsibility in protecting them. The training encouraged educational staff to use positive teaching methods that boost self-confidence and contribute to the development of children’s skills.

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More than 250 children participate in the back-to-school campaign in Harem, with health and awareness activities

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Over 250 enthusiastic students at Al-Itqan Center in Harim joined the Back-to-School campaign. This special initiative highlighted the significance of education, school attendance, and the value of summer classes to bridge the learning gaps caused by the earthquake’s impact.

The campaign also focused on health awareness, promoting cleanliness to avoid diseases and epidemics.

Al-Itqan Center started over 4 years ago with the concept of a mobile teacher, which later evolved into an educational tent and now a center that enriches the lives of hundreds of students every year.


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IhsanRD contributes to the support of the educational process in Syria through its educational programs.

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Death machine continues to harvest more lives and thousands of schools in ‪#‎Syria‬ are being destroyed.

According to international organizations statistics, about five thousand‪#‎schools‬ have been partially or completely destroyed in Syria, which deprived thousands of students from ‪#‎education‬.

In their attempt to find solutions, some institutions have established temporary field schools in less dangerous areas, in addition to repairing and rehabilitation of partially destroyed schools.

Ihsan Relief & Development contributes to the support of the educational process in Syria through its educational programs.
‪#‎Ihsan‬ has already managed to prepare and rehabilitate 3 schools in‪#‎Anadan‬‪#‎Khan‬ Alasl and ‪#‎Kafrbesin‬ in Aleppo.