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4,300 families benefit from the cash voucher project

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Ihsan for Relief and Development, one of the Syrian Forum‘s programs, partnered with GOAL to distribute cash vouchers to 4,300 families in the areas of Jisr al-Shughur, Mahambal, and Al-Janoudia.

These projects contribute to assisting the most vulnerable families by meeting their basic needs and improving their living conditions.

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Supporting 200 farmers and developing agriculture in northern Syria

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Ihsan Relief and Development, one of the Syrian Forum’s programs, works in cooperation with GIZ to support more than 200 farmers in A’zaz by providing them with 10 dunums of land for each beneficiary, in addition to olive harvest services, distribution of seeds, fertilizers, pruning tools, and training on cultivation, intercropping, manufacturing organic fertilizers, and methods of protecting crops from bacteria and fungi.


The project aims to support and develop agriculture in northern Syria by reducing production costs for farmers to improve their economic situation and achieve self-sufficiency.



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IhsanRD is implementing an agricultural Development Project in Idlib Governorate.

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In pursuit of achieving #Food Security, and the contribution to improve the livelihoods, also to reduce the suffering our families are living nowadays. Ihsan for relief and development is implementing an agricultural development project (between olive trees) in #Kafar_Takhareem – north of Idlib governorate.
The project covers 2200 acres with two crops; chickpeas and bean, and the project is being implemented by the farmer of the same area in addition to other IDPs.
#Ihsan institution had focused on applying training workshops for the farmers, about the techniques used in this kind of agriculture.

The Home Gardens’ Project of Ihsan’s project at rural ‪#‎Homs‬, Syria

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The Agriculture Project is considered as one of the most important resources of ‪#‎Food_Security‬ and income for more than 190 thousand of people in the north of rural ‪#‎Homs‬, and the current siege is posing a direct threat on people’s life there.

The Home Gardens’ Project is considered as one of Ihsan’s project, in which it aims to achieve the Food_Security, and reduce the suffering that our families are living nowadays.

development projects in agricultural and ‪#‎food‬ security sector.

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‪#‎Ihsan‬ for Relief and Development is committed to contribute to the reviving of the agricultural sector through a series of development projects in agricultural and ‪#‎food‬ security sector.

Wheat is one of the most important and strategic crops as it is considered the daily sustenance for people.
In 2015, FAO estimated wheat production in Syria at 2.445 million tons, which means a deficit of 800 thousand tons.
Field trips by Ihsan’s team to monitor wheat plantation process in‪#‎Sermin‬, Idlib’s countryside.