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Safe return of Tal Salour School students after renovation

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Tel Salour School in Jinderes has reopened its doors to over 350 students, following recent renovations, to guarantee their safe return to class and offer a nurturing academic setting conducive to their educational progress. Here, students will resume their studies with enthusiasm, aiming to forge a promising future.

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Monthly meetings for teachers at Souran Al-Iz School

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Our teams organize monthly meetings for teachers at Souran Al-Iz School in the northern countryside of Idlib. The meetings aim to share experiences and knowledge, exchange ideas to improve teaching practices, as well as develop capabilities and acquire new skills in dealing with students and creating a more effective and positive educational environment.

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Visit of UN Delegation to Wadi Ghazal School in the northern countryside of Idlib

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A delegation from the OCHA and UNICEF visited Wadi Ghazal school in the northern countryside of Idlib yesterday, Wednesday, which is one of the schools supported by Ihsan for Relief and Development, one of the Syrian Forum’s programs, in partnership with UNICEF.

During the visit, David Carden, the UN Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator, emphasized the necessity of an effective advocacy program focused on enhancing and developing the education sector in Syria, which has long suffered from a lack of funding. He also stressed the importance of joint efforts and collaboration between international organizations and civil society organizations in northern Syria to support the education sector and build a better future for Syrian children.

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Distribution of educational kits and stationery supplies in Idlib’s northern countryside

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To support education and alleviate the financial burden on families and teachers, our teams distributed educational bags and stationery supplies to more than 1,400 students and 56 teaching staff at Qatr Al-Nada, Al-Itqan, Soran Al-Izz, and Kafroma education centers in Idlib’s northern countryside. This contributes to improving the quality of education and encourages students to actively engage in school life.

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Supporting Education in Northwest Syria

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To enhance the educational system in various regions of northwest Syria, throughout 2023 our teams provided support and operational cost to more than 60 schools, and renovated 78 schools damaged by the Feb 6th earthquake. In addition, we provided job opportunities and salaries to more than 1,500 teaching and administrative staff.

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Sustainable Education in Syria: Building a Bright Future for Children

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Arranging books in the school bag in the morning, going to school to hear the sound of the bell, and sitting in the classroom next to a favorite friend are details that millions of Syrian children have not experienced.

Through our education projects, we strive to build the teachers’ capacities, and provide compensatory and exemplary education for students who have dropped out of school. This includes the rehabilitation of schools and educational facilities, to support the educational process and build an educated generation that contributes to the development of their community.

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Rehabilitation of damaged toilets in 75 schools in Idlib

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As the new school year draws near, our teams, in cooperation with UNICEF, are working to rehabilitate and construct restroom facilities for 75 schools located in Idlib ( Hezreh – Sarmada).

Additionally, we are supplying garbage containers and dumpsters and ensuring a daily water supply to these schools.

The objective of this project is to establish a secure and healthy school environment for over 44,300 students. This will enable them to focus on their studies without the burden of essential needs weighing on their minds.


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More than 250 children participate in the back-to-school campaign in Harem, with health and awareness activities

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Over 250 enthusiastic students at Al-Itqan Center in Harim joined the Back-to-School campaign. This special initiative highlighted the significance of education, school attendance, and the value of summer classes to bridge the learning gaps caused by the earthquake’s impact.

The campaign also focused on health awareness, promoting cleanliness to avoid diseases and epidemics.

Al-Itqan Center started over 4 years ago with the concept of a mobile teacher, which later evolved into an educational tent and now a center that enriches the lives of hundreds of students every year.


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