Women’s Creative Center opens its doors in the city of Kabassin

By Tuesday November 28th, 2017Latest News, Protection
On November 25, 2017, Women’s Creative Center in Kabassin has been opened with a number of participants and visitors in two periods. The first period was for the participants and visitors of women. The second period was for men, and number of dignitaries in Kabassin were present there, where they were introduced to the Center’s activities and its importance for the support and empowerment of women.
Women’s Creativity Center in Kibasin is one of many centers operated by IhsanRD in several areas of Syria. Through its centers, Ihsan aims to support women’s creativity, develop their skills and raise their awareness of their special role and abilities through training activities for women and girls in various professional and educational aspects psychological support.
The centers includes activities and multiple classes in literacy, computer skills, sewing and wool knitting, English, hairdressing courses, and sessions about life skills for girls. The center has a nursery room to relieve the burden of mothers participating in scheduled programs. The Center’s activities also include mobile teams conducting awareness sessions for women and girls outside the center.