Local Product By Syrian Women, A New Project By IhsanRD in Rural Idlib

By Sunday November 19th, 2017FSL, Latest News
Because the Syrian women have their special place in the society and home, and because they are capable of producing and manufacturing and have the will to support themselves and their families, IhsanRD has launched a new project in several areas of rural Idlib, which aims to empower women and support livelihoods that allow them to preserve their dignity and put them in the right place as a productive member in the society that has been and continues to suffer the brunt of war.
This project is providing the necessary equipment and raw materials for the production process of milk, cheese, pomegranate molasses and many other household products that Syrian women are characterized by their ability to produce them with high qualities specifications, which give them in return a decent income and provides the local market with an outstanding product.