IhsanRD team distributing agricultural voucher in Atarb

By Friday November 17th, 2017FSL, Latest News
For more than six years, Syrian people have been suffering from the cruel conditions of the war, during which the agricultural process was severely damaged, especially in the northern regions of Syria, but this was not an enough reason for Syrian people to fall victim to despair and surrender, however they continue to produce.
Ihsan for Relief & Development, in cooperation with WHH and funded by the German Foreign Office, is implementing a project consisting of two main activities:
The first aspect includes supporting farmers with agricultural vouchers that allow them to purchase agricultural inputs and equipment during two seasons in summer and winter, as well as providing irrigation support vouchers to farmers in rural areas of western Aleppo.
The second aspect includes the support of the local communities with bread, where 4000 daily bread packages are distributed in the areas of Kernabal and Jisr al-Shughour.
In the photos, IhsanRD team provides agricultural support vouchers to the registered farmers in the area of ​​Atarab.