With participation of 342 trainees, the Women’s Support Center in Armnaz has completed its fourth session

By Thursday November 9th, 2017Latest News, Protection
Open Day activities at Women’s Creativity Support Center in Armnaz – Idleb.
Women’s Creativity Support Center in Armnaz concluded the fourth session yesterday with the establishment of an open day with various activities provided by the participants. The ceremony was attended by 342 women who participated for two months in the Center’s activities, Where every two months at the Center for the support of women’s creativity in the city of Armanaz conduct a new cycle of courses held at the Center on two levels. The first level includes professional and practical courses which allow the participants to learn the skills of wool and handicrafts, attend literacy courses, learn English and computer skills, first aid principles and hairdressing skills. On the second level, participants attend courses in psychosocial support and learning life skills.