As part of its Emergency Response Plan for IDPs, IhsanRD has distributed food baskets in Idlib countryside

By Monday February 5th, 2018FSL, Latest News
As the number of displaced people in rural Idlib reaches to about 400 thousand displaced according to the “Response Coordinators of northern Syria” on Monday, 05-02-2018, many humanitarian organizations are still working to provide the necessary needs of displaced families who are living in tragic conditions which is getting worse in the cold winter, However, there remains the need for more relief efforts and for the cooperation of all parties to stop this humanitarian tragedy.
Abu Hasan, one of the displaced people from the southern Aleppo countryside, struggles with his age to look after his grandchildren who lost their father seven months ago. “I have fled from my town in the southern countryside of Aleppo to the town of Atarb. I want to protect my grandchildren … I want to take them to a safe place”. But Abu Hassan could not take anything out of his house except what he could carry with his hands, he has the only clothes which he wears. Now, he lives in a camp with his family and three grandchildren. “We have fled the bombardment, but we are still under the threat of hunger and cold,” he said.
As part of its Emergency Response Plan (ERC), Ihsan for Relief and Development works to help the newly displaced families by providing food baskets, blankets, clothing and dignity kits, where IhsanRD in cooperation with the World Food Program (WFP) has distributed 2300 food basket in the area of ​​Aazaz and 3552 food baskets in the area of Atareb and Daret Azza, the basket contains Ready-to-eat food items sufficient a family for a week.
Mr. Wael, the project’s officer within the department of Emergency Response for IDPs at IhsanRD, said: “Humanitarian organizations have been very active in the north of Syria and Idlib in particular, supporting all sectors, including health, education and relief, but the longtime of this crisis and the recent massive wave of displacement calls for more efforts to provide the displaced with life-basic food, shelter and heating materials”.
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