In order to empower women, IhsanRD has launched food processing centers in Daraa

By Monday January 1st, 2018FSL, Latest News

The war in Syria did not exclude any civilians and did not differentiate between men, women or children. The suffering was often more severe and cruel for women, many of whom became widows after losing the head of the family to find themselves responsible for their children.

Om Issam, a widow from Daraa said “After losing my husband two years ago, my family suffered from financial and emotional difficulties. I had to be the source of safety for my young children so that they would not feel empty of their father’s loss.” She says: “The situation of war is harsh for everyone but I have to think about my children and how to provide them with living”

Because the Syrian women have their special place in the society and home, and because they are capable of producing and manufacturing and have the will to support themselves and their families, IhsanRD has launched a new project to support and empower women in Daraa governorate by establishing three food processing centers, which are operated by 12 Syrian women, IhsanRD selected these women among the most vulnerable people of widowed women who are responsible for their families and who were directly affected by the war in Syria.

The centers produce yogurt and cheese with a production capacity up to 350 kilos of milk per day, this milk is secured by IhsanRD team after completing the establishment activities of the 3 centers with the best equipment to run.

Ahmed the project manager at IhsanRD said: “The objective of the food processing centers project is to provide the necessary support to vulnerable, where the project will have a financial return for them and the local communities. The project will also have a psychological impact; the centers will be safe spaces for these women to feel relieved from hardship and difficulties of life”

At this stage, work is underway to train women working in the centers to be qualified and able to manage and operate the centers on their own through courses in business administration, financial management and sales, and purchasing.

The Food Products Processing Centers project is one of the projects being undertaken by IhsanRD in order to support and empower Syrian women in several governorates, such as the project of supporting household products in Idlib governorate, launched by IhsanRD last month.