IhsanRD team distributed 5100 hygiene kits to IDPs in the southern countryside of Idlib

By Thursday December 21st, 2017Latest News, Wash
In response to the needs of increasing numbers of displaced persons from dangerous areas, where clashes are continuing to reach relatively less dangerous areas, Ihsan for Relief and Development has distributed 5,100 hygiene kits to displaced families within host communities in the southern Idlib areas, especially in camps and families Outdoors.
Each hygiene kit contains toothbrush and toothpaste for adults and children, soaps, washing powder, water storage containers, blankets and women towels.
The hygiene kits are being distributed in cooperation with WHH and funded by the German Foreign Office to support and protect IDPs by raising personal hygiene, which is one of the most important issues faced by IDP families during the displacement, many of these families have left their homes urgently to survive the lives of their children headed to the camps without preparing for the personal hygiene needs of the family members.
In addition to providing hygiene kits, IhsanRD also establishs several projects within WASH program to provide clean water for the purpose of drinking, cooking, personal health and hygiene in order to maintain healthy lives and limit the transmission of waterborne diseases through the rehabilitation of water stations and water networks, rehabilitation of sanitation systems, distribution of hygiene kits, water trucking for communities and ensuring proper disposal of waste.
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