Parents and Teachers Committee (PTC), joint effort to develop schools supported by IhsanRD

By Thursday December 14th, 2017Education, Latest News
PTC (Parents Teachers Committees) are committees that meet on a monthly basis in each school supported by IhsanRD. The committees consist of / representatives of the teachers, representatives of the parents, a representative of the educational society, a representative of the educational office, the field officer supervising the school /
Through these meetings, IhsanRD aims to involve community, parents and stakeholders in supporting the educational process by discussing the following topics in the meetings:
  • Develop security and safety plans in schools
  • Discuss the activities carried out in schools and identify weaknesses and gaps in implementation
  • Assist in planning activities to be carried out within the project
  • Highlighting problems in schools and students and helping to resolve them if possible
These meetings are part of the IhsanRD project to support of five schools in the western Aleppo countryside with 3250 students.
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