The first phase of Cash-for-Work project is done and starting the rehabilitation of Rastan bakery

By Sunday December 3rd, 2017FSL, Latest News
The first phase of Cash-for-Work project was completed in the northern countryside of Homs where most of the construction materials, industrial equipment and electrical installations of the project were received and the production lines of Al-Rastan automatic bakery have been moved to begin to be rebuilt and repaired.
This project is part of the Food Security and Livelihoods program in IhsanRD, where it aims to enhance food security and support the resilience of Syrian people in the besieged areas through the rehabilitation of food facilities (Bakeries, mills and food warehouses) in Al-Rastan and Talbisa districts, in addition to supporting 250 families in improving their income through the employment of 250 workers (200 ordinary workers and 50 skilled workers).