‪#‎WASH‬ Program,installed three water stations in three areas in syria

By Wednesday April 13th, 2016Wash

Many areas in ‪#‎Syria‬ are suffering from an acute shortage of ‪#‎water‬, as the result of expanding the besieged areas, an preventing water and electricity. The ‪#‎national‬ organizations have reported that there is about 70% of Syrians, currently are suffering from the shortage of drinkable water.

Within the ‪#‎WASH‬ Program, ‪#‎Ihsan‬ Institution for relief and development, has installed three water stations in three areas; Abyad –‪#‎Aleppo‬ Suburb and Sarmeen – ‪#‎Idleb‬ Suburb, in order to reduce our families suffering, and to provide drinkable water for those in need.