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Women’s Creativity Center – in Al-Mashhad district – ‪#‎Aleppo

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In order to strengthen the Syrian Woman’s Capacity, Women’s Creativity Center; one of ‪#‎Ihsan‬ for relief and development’s centers, which is exist in Al-Mashhad district – ‪#‎Aleppo‬ governorate, is providing psycho-social support services for Women, and it includes parents skills, sessions, first aids, sewing and hairdressing, in addition to awareness campaigns, and all are under Women Empowerment Program.


IhsanRD is implementing an agricultural Development Project in Idlib Governorate.

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In pursuit of achieving #Food Security, and the contribution to improve the livelihoods, also to reduce the suffering our families are living nowadays. Ihsan for relief and development is implementing an agricultural development project (between olive trees) in #Kafar_Takhareem – north of Idlib governorate.
The project covers 2200 acres with two crops; chickpeas and bean, and the project is being implemented by the farmer of the same area in addition to other IDPs.
#Ihsan institution had focused on applying training workshops for the farmers, about the techniques used in this kind of agriculture.

The Home Gardens’ Project of Ihsan’s project at rural ‪#‎Homs‬, Syria

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The Agriculture Project is considered as one of the most important resources of ‪#‎Food_Security‬ and income for more than 190 thousand of people in the north of rural ‪#‎Homs‬, and the current siege is posing a direct threat on people’s life there.

The Home Gardens’ Project is considered as one of Ihsan’s project, in which it aims to achieve the Food_Security, and reduce the suffering that our families are living nowadays.

projects in WASH program, ‪#‎Ihsan‬ started the first phase in preparing an artesian well in Aleppo

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Civilians in ‪#‎Syria‬ are not only suffering from ‪#‎bombing‬, they are also suffering a drinking ‪#‎water‬ crisis and lack of alternatives.

It is an endless humanitarian crisis, the lack of the basic life requirements, such as food, drinking water, healthcare and education, and the growing problem of water scarcity and the difficulty to obtain it, all made civilians seek for alternatives to sustain life.

Within its series of projects in WASH program, ‪#‎Ihsan‬ for Relief and Development started the first phase in preparing an artesian well to provide a reliable clean source of drinking water to reach 4000 people in Babis, in rural Aleppo

hsan contributes to the support of the educational process in Syria through its educational programs.

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Death machine continues to harvest more lives and thousands of schools in ‪#‎Syria‬ are being destroyed.

According to international organizations statistics, about five thousand‪#‎schools‬ have been partially or completely destroyed in Syria, which deprived thousands of students from ‪#‎education‬.

In their attempt to find solutions, some institutions have established temporary field schools in less dangerous areas, in addition to repairing and rehabilitation of partially destroyed schools.

Ihsan Relief & Development contributes to the support of the educational process in Syria through its educational programs.
‪#‎Ihsan‬ has already managed to prepare and rehabilitate 3 schools in‪#‎Anadan‬‪#‎Khan‬ Alasl and ‪#‎Kafrbesin‬ in Aleppo.