How the legal awareness team at IhsanRD helps IDPs to obtain legal documents

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There are many different stories of displaced people who flee the war zones in Syria, but they share the common issue of obtaining the legal documents.
Although years of displacement and stability in relatively safe areas, a large number of displaced people remain without legal documents either because of losing their property during displacement or because they do not know how to apply for new official documents in the places they fled to, such as the case of Hussein and his family, who settled in a random IDPs camp in the northern countryside of Aleppo after fleeing from their town in Sefirah.
The journey of Hussein’s family began in Al-Bab city, but due to the high rents of the houses there and the difficulty of finding a suitable job, Hussein was forced to move with his family to an IDPs camp near the city of Al-Bab.
Hussein is married for six years and has two children, a 5-years-old boy, and a 3-years-old girl, but Hussein’s family does not have any identity document that certifies their civil rights after settling in the place they have been displaced to, resulting in many problems and challenges.
“Because we don’t have legal documents, I suffer when I take my children to health centers, and when I register in humanitarian organizations to get the aid that my family needs; apart from the difficulty of moving and crossing security checkpoints,” Hussein said.
The Legal Awareness Team at IhsanRD in Qabbasien has provided awareness sessions for the displaced about registration procedures for marriage certificates, birth certificates and the importance of the legal documents. The group met with Hussein and helped him obtaining all legal documents missing.
The first thing that the legal awareness team did was to accompany Hussein and his family to the nearest civil registration center to have all identification documents for him and his wife, marriage certificate and a family record. After that, Hussein obtained his full legal rights, which makes it easier for him to enroll his children in school, go to the health centers, register for relief assistance, and facilitate movements and passing the security checkpoints.
“Now I have my legal rights, and feel I’m a member of the society” Hussein said.

Çocuklar, yerinden edilme durumuyla karşılaşıyor. Mobil Koruma Ekipleri, yerinden edilmiş çocuklara nasıl yardım ediyor

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12 yaşında olan Kasem,,beş erkek kardeşin en büyüğüdür. Savaş ve bombardıman nedeniyle, Kasem ve ailesi Hama’da evlerini terk etmek zorunda kaldılar ve Suriye’nin kuzeyine yöneldiler. Burası,İdlib’deki Harim Sub Bölgesi’ndeki bir ÜİYOK (ülke içinde yerinden olmuş kişiler) kampına yerleşene kadar onlar için nispeten daha güvenli bir yerdi.
Zorla yerinden edilen Kasem’in okul hayatı da bitmişti, oynayacak hiçbir arkadaşı da kalmamıştı. Bir zamanlar zamanının çoğunu geçirdiği oyun bahçesini düşünerek “Okulumu ve ailemin zeytin bahçesini özlüyorum, evimi özlüyorum, ve her şeyi..”diye üzülüyordu. Özellikle de yalnızlık, Kasem’in en çok acı çektiği şeydi.
Kasem’in babası en büyük oğlu hakkında endişeliydi: “Ailem uzun ve zorlu bir yerinden edilme yolculuğundan geçti. Okula gidemedikleri için gelecekleri hakkında her zaman endişe ediyorum.” diye ekledi.
İhsanRD Koruma Mobil Ekibi kampa geldiğinde, Kasem’in hissettiği yalnızlık ve üzüntü sona erdi. Burada ekip, bir takım grup faaliyetleri başlattı ve hiçbir yerde bulamadıkları mutluluk çocuklar arasında yayıldı. Kasem ve kardeşleri diğer çocuklarla oynamaya başladı, en azından bir süreliğine de olsa yerlerinden edildiklerini unuttular.
Ayrıca, İhsanRD ekibi; kamptaki gayri resmi eğitim alanını öğrenme araçları ile desteklemiş ve çocuklara kitap, çanta ve kırtasiye malzemeleri temin etmiştir. Bu faaliyetlerin ardından Kasem ve diğer çocuklar okul hayatlarına geri dönmüştür.
Kasem’in hayali; istikrarlı bir hayata sahip olmak, zeytin ağaçlarına ve eski evlerine geri dönmek ve köy okullarında öğretmen olmak için eğitimini tamamlamaktır.
Türkiye İnsani Yardım Fonu desteğiyle, İhsanRD, Suriye’nin kuzeybatısındaki entegre mobil acil servisler aracılığıyla bir korumaya yanıt programı uyguluyor. Artan farkındalık oturumları, psikososyal destek, vaka yönetimi ve çocuklar için eğlence etkinlikleri gibi farklı hizmetlerle 50.000’den fazla ÜİYOK’lere ulaşmayı başardık.

Learn about the campaign “16 days of activities to combat gender-based violence”

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Within the Women’s Creativity Centers supported by IhsanRD in the North of Syria, “16 days of activities against gender-based violence” was held during the last couple weeks.
What are the 16 Days of Activism?
The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is an international campaign, which takes place between November 25 – marking the International Day against Violence against Women and Girls – and December 10 – International Human Rights Day – in order to symbolically link violence against women and human rights and to emphasize, by linking the two anniversary, that violence against women and girls is a violation of human rights.
The 16 Days Campaign has been used as an organizing strategy by individuals and groups around the world to call for the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls.
This year, the 16 Days of Activism global theme is: “End gender-based violence in the world of work”. However, the Turkey hub GBV SC decided to extend the coverage of the campaign to a more holistic one. In consultation with members of the GBV SC in the field, the GBV SC, therefore, agreed on the contextualized theme: “END GBV IN ALL PLACES: WE ALL HAVE A ROLE”.
What activities took place in 16 days?
– Distribution of awareness brochures on issues of violence against women and girls.
– Presentations and plays aimed at raising awareness about the consequences of domestic violence on all members of the family.
– Promotion of the campaign through home visits through preparing gifts made at the Women’s Creativity Centers, accompanied by a message on gender-based violence and the goal of a 16-day campaign.
– The Family Day: The protection centers opened their doors to community members and families to visit the center and learn more about gender-based violence and to have an opportunity to reflect on the nature of their role in ending gender-based violence.

Parenting Skills Program at the Women’s Creativity Center

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“After 5 years of suffering with my child’s problem of bedwetting, I lost hope and completely surrendered to this situation and I thought that it’s a genetic problem”

Entesar, a mother of three children, lives with her family in a village near the city of Armnaz.
She heard about the Women’s Creativity Center in Armanaz, supported by IhsanRD, where training sessions were held for women in many domains.
“Even though I live in another village, I visited the center and I learned that a parenting skills program will start soon”
The program is conducted by the Psychosocial Support team and addressing the problems facing children. “I did not know that in this wonderful place I will find the key to my problem. After the trainer presented the problem of involuntary urination, I followed all the steps that she guided me through, so I have learned that there are several reasons for this problem.”
Indeed, her child’s situation improved significantly when Entesar followed the advice she received in the training.
“What helped me the most that I rationally analyzed the reasons of the problem and had a strong determination to help my child in crossing over this challenge. Thank God I finally did it with the help of the trainer who gave my problem a lot of attention”.
In the end, Entesar sent a message to the Syrian mothers:
“We’re the mothers must be strong and have the determination to face the hardships of life”

Women’s Creative Center in northern Syria

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“At first we were a little scared of going to the women’s support center, but later we became as one family at the centre… I recommend all the women to come and learn at the center.” – One of the trainees in the sewing class at Women’s Creative Center supported by IhsanRD.

Mobile Protection Teams at IhsanRD respond to IDPs

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Exposure to psychological stress among IDPs, especially children, may affect them for the rest of their lives.

What Does IhsanRD do about it?

At the reception points of the displaced, in the camps and during the long journey of displacement, thousands of children find themselves in a state of instability or are held in a place where they do not know where they will go after and how the next phase will be and what the unknown fate awaits them, which may affect their psychological stability and development in future.

IhsanRD and through Mobile Protection Teams helps displaced children and adults to overcome the plight of displacement through the provision of psychological support services and management of critical cases and recreational activities for children in addition to awareness sessions for parents and adults.

When the displaced feel this support, it will help to overcome the negative effects associated with the stress experienced by displaced families such as the emergence of unhealthy lifestyles, hostile behavior and psychological situations, whether simple or advanced.

IhsanRD’s mobile protection teams responded to the large waves of displacement that have reached northern Syria recently from Ghouta and northern Homs countryside. After years of besiegement, large numbers of displaced people arrived on an arduous journey that had a profound impact on children and adults. This led to an urgent response by seven mobile teams providing recreational activities for children as well as adult awareness sessions on child protection, gender-based violence and awareness raising of mine risk education. They also provide the first psychological aid to the displaced as soon as they arrive to inform them of their places of reception and the map of services available in the region, and distribute baskets of dignity to women and girls.

In addition to these activities, IhsanRD’s Protection Team provides referral services to the protection centers for children and women within IhsanRD or the centers of other humanitarian organizations, as the case may be.

As protection services for children, women and the most vulnerable are usually linked to other services, IhsanRD coordinates between its various programs to manage situations requiring special assistance through mobile teams providing direct support to vulnerable situations selected according to weaknesses criterias identified in the program.

As part of the emergency response campaign for IDPs, about 28,875 people will benefit from the services provided by IhsanRD’s Mobile Protection Tteams, including 20,200 children.

Protection program at IhsanRD trains the members of mobile teams to be responsible for providing a high quality of services to the beneficiaries, there have been multiple trainings for 53 members of the mobile teams on various topics in child protection, gender-based violence, ERW, Separated children.

IhsanRD also train 75 Ihsan staff members from its various programs sectors on the principles of protection and identification of cases that need coordination with the case management team.

Youth Support Center in Jarablus

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In order to empower young people, help them secure professional qualifications, become socially self-reliant individuals, and to be effectively involved in building their communities, the Youth Support Center in Jarablus opens its doors with funding from KSRelief .