How to Apply

There are seven stages through which Ihsan RD application process goes.

1. Searching for job openings:

You search for job openings at Ihsan RD on this website. Most job openings are for a specific position either in our head office at Gaziantep, or in particular office inside Syria.

2. Creating a profile and preparing an application.

A job application at Ihsan RD is made up of an application form that includes a cover letter, all of which may be prepared either online or offline (attached resumes are not accepted with no job application). When you fill out the information you should make sure to send your application after you complete your job application.

The application form is the part of your application that has information about your education, present and past jobs, experiences, skills etc. You can start preparing an application form without immediately applying for a job by download and complete Ihsan RD Job Application.

Once you have identified a job opening of interest, it is recommended that you update the application to highlight important facts relevant to the job you are applying for. It is also important to accurately complete and update all the information as it serves as a basis for evaluating your eligibility and suitability for a job opening.

After you have prepared the application and after you have identified the job opening for which you want to apply, you should write a cover letter an submit it with your completed job application.

3. Submitting a job application

After the job application is complete, you submit your application by clicking Apply.

Ihsan RD does not accept a resume as an attached document and it is neither considered a substitute nor a complementary document to a completed job application. If any additional information or documentation is required, you will be requested to submit it in the course of the application process.

If you have submitted your job application successfully, you will promptly receive an automated acknowledgment by e-mail. Also note that once an application has been submitted it cannot be changed for that specific job opening.

4. Evaluation of Job application

Your job application is evaluated in terms of experience, education and competencies. Only if it is determined that you meet most or all of the requirements you will be contacted to undergo an assessment i.e. a knowledge-based test or another type of simulation exercise.

If it is determined that you are not eligible or only meet some or none of the requirements for a particular job, you will be informed, at the appropriate time, that your application was unsuccessful for this particular job.

5. Assessment exercise

The assessment exercise could be either a written test or any other type of simulation exercise or case study. These assessment tests are conducted in strict confidence and you will be informed in advance of the time, type and length of the assessment. If, based on the result of the assessment, you are short-listed for a competency-based interview, you are informed accordingly.

If you are not short-listed for the competency-based interview, you will be so informed at the appropriate time. Please note, however, that the type and frequency of correspondence with individual candidates may vary throughout the application process.

6. Competency-based interview

The competency-based interview can take place either via telephone, video conference or in person. You will be notified in advance of the time, duration and means and/or place of the interview as well as of the names of the interview panel members. During the interview, we learn more about your combination of skills, attributes and behavior that are directly related to your successful performance on the job.

7. Selection notification

A pool of qualified candidates is recommended for selection following the outcome of the various assessment stages. Any recommendations are then evaluated by an independent review body, composed of staff and management representatives, to ensure that the applicable procedures were followed correctly.

After the review body has endorsed the recommended candidates, a selection decision is made by the head of the department usually for one individual, or if several positions are available, for the corresponding number of vacancies.

You will be notified if you are the selected candidate for the job.

If you are not included in the pool of candidates recommended for selection, you will be notified accordingly.

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